Lustre-Creme shampoo was popular with the most famous actresses of the ’50s & ’60s

How the top actresses of the 50s 60s loved Lustre-Creme shampoo

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Tonight! Go where glamour is… Step out and see a great movie (1953)

These top stars of Hollywood use Lustre-Creme shampoo for the most beautiful hair in the world

Tonight, spend an enchanting evening . . . with any one of these stars, who brings glamour to the movie theatre in your neighborhood. You’ll love seeing her, in her latest and greatest movie.

And as you thrill to her beauty, how exciting to know that you can share a beauty secret known to all the top stars of Hollywood — famous Lustre-Creme Shampoo.

Yes, all the stars you see here . . . in fact, 4 out of 5 top Hollywood stars … use Lustre-Creme Shampoo. On the set, on location and at home, these top stars make Lustre-Creme their personal and professional shampoo choice. Their hairstylists recommend it, too!

Row 1: Julia Adams, June Allyson, Pier Angeli, Anne Baxter, Ann Blyth

Row 2: Rhonda Fleming, Ava Gardner, Mitzi Gaynor, Betty Grable, Kathryn Grayson

Row 3: Betty Hutton, Deborah Kerr, Dorothy Lamour, Piper Laurie, Janet Leigh

Row 4: Marilyn Monroe, Maureen O’Hara, Debra Paget, Eleanor Parker, Jane Powell

Row 5: Debbie Reynolds, Ruth Roman, Jane Russell, Ann Sheridan, Barbara Stanwyck

1953 Vintage celebrities shampoo

Lustre-Creme Shampoo is blessed with lanolin… never dulls or dries a star’s hair… even when it’s subjected to hot lights, daily shampoos and hard water. Lustre-Creme’s fragrant, instant lather “shines” as it cleans… always leaves hair soft and manageable, tamed to any whim of brush and comb.

If you would win glamour . . . have hair that behaves like the angels and shines like the stars … use the favorite beauty shampoo of 4 out of 5 top Hollywood stars… Lustre-Creme Shampoo.

POUR IT ON — OR CREAM IT ON! In famous Cream Form Lustre-Creme is America’s favorite cream shampoo. And all its beauty-bringing qualities are in the new Lotion Form. Whichever form you prefer, lanolin-blessed Lustre-Creme will leave your hair shining clean, eager to wave, never dull or dry.

Row 1: Corinne Calvet, Claudette Colbert, Jeanne Crain, Arlene Dahl, Yvonne de Carlo

Next rows: Susan Hayward, Rita Hayworth, Virginia Mayo, Ann Miller, Vera Ralston, Donna Reed

Last row: Jan Sterling, Elizabeth Taylor, Lana Turner, Esther Williams, Jane Wyman

Vintage Lustre Creme Shampoo - Actresses in 1953

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Vintage actress Natalie Wood for Lustre Creme shampoo

For every woman who has been over-washing her hair… A shampoo so rich, you only need to “lather once”!

Natalie Wood, starring in “Love With The Proper Stranger,” a Paramount Pictures’ release, uses new “Lather Once” Lustre-Creme and her hair behaves beautifully.

Natalie Wood for Lustre Creme shampoo 1963

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Janet Leigh for Lustre Creme shampoo

Janet Leigh, starring in the Hal Wallis production “Wives and Lovers,” a Paramount Pictures’ release, uses….

Vintage actress Janet Leigh for Lustre-Creme shampoo

Shirley Jones for Lustre Creme shampoo

In the magic world of movies where lovely hair is so important, top movie stars use Lustre-Creme

Shirley Jones, starring in “Dark Purpose,” a Universal release…

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Vintage actress Shirley Jones for Lustre-Creme shampoo 1963

At Academy Award time… (1960)

Lustre Creme shampoo salutes these beautiful stars who have made this the greatest movie season ever!

Row 1: Sandra Dee, Lana Turner, Susan Kohner, Barbara Rush

Row 2: Millie Perkins, Martha Hyer, Simone Signoret, Doris Day

Row 3: Audrey Hepburn, Shirley MacLaine, Elizabeth Taylor, Joanne Woodward

Row 4: Lee Remick, Vera Miles, Deborah Kerr, Haya Harareet

Vintage actresses in 1960 for Lustre Creme shampoo

Here's a retro shampoo commercial so gosh darn wholesome, it's like a 50s cliche in a bottle

Vintage actress Bette Davis for Lustre-Creme shampoo (1951)

Vintage actress Bette Davis for Lustre-Creme shampoo 1951

Prell shampoo promised radiantly gleaming hair. Do you remember this bright green shampoo? (1940s-80s)

Vintage actress Joan Crawford for Lustre-Creme shampoo

Vintage actress Joan Crawford for Lustre-Creme shampoo

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