Natalie Wood, Janet Leigh & Shirley Jones for Lustre Creme

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Natalie Wood for Lustre Creme shampoo

For every woman who has been over-washing her hair… A shampoo so rich, you only need to “lather once”!

Natalie Wood, starring in “Love With The Proper Stranger,” a Paramount Pictures’ release, uses new “Lather Once” Lustre-Creme and her hair behaves beautifully.



Janet Leigh for Lustre Creme shampoo

Janet Leigh, starring in the Hal Wallis production “Wives and Lovers,” a Paramount Pictures’ release, uses….



Shirley Jones for Lustre Creme shampoo

In the magic world of movies where lovely hair is so important, top movie stars use Lustre-Creme

Shirley Jones, starring in “Dark Purpose,” a Universal release…


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