Here’s a retro White Rain shampoo commercial so gosh darn sincere & wholesome, it’s like a ’50s cliche in a bottle

Here's a retro shampoo commercial so gosh darn wholesome, it's like a '50s cliche in a bottle

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This White Rain shampoo commercial is a reminder that some things never change

So many of the television commercials broadcast to Americans during the fifties were so achingly wholesome and sincere, it’s easy to see why ’50s stereotypes persist today.

The girls who were most influenced by these TV ads back in the day are now women who are about a decade past retirement age. When you compare the golly-gosh-gee-whiz zeitgeist of the fifties to the tech-savvy world today — in particular, kids who carry handled computers with more processing power than many countries even possessed 60-odd years ago — it seems like teens then and teens now couldn’t be more different.

But then you look at what this retro White Rain shampoo commercial is really selling — beauty, and the chance for romance — and it’s a reminder that despite all of society’s ebbs and flows, some things never change.


See this retro White Rain shampoo commercial from 1954

YouTube video

Fabulous NEW lotion shampoo by Toni, guaranteed not to dull, not to dry your hair!

DONT DULL your hair with soaps and hard-to-rinse creme shampoos.

DON’T DRY OUT your hair with harsh liquid shampoos.

NOW PAMPER YOUR hair with gentle WHITE RAIN.

This refreshing new kind of shampoo is brought to you by Toni, world leader in hair research. WHITE RAIN leaves your hair bright as sunshine, soft as a cloud, sparkling clean… and easy to care for, like naturally curly hair.

Not a soap, not a creme, not a liquid; but a gentle lotion shampoo that soothes and smooths your hair, pampers it as it’s never been pampered before.

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Shampooing with WHITE RAIN is like washing your hair in softest rain water. For WHITE RAIN contains an exclusive new blend of ingredients that gives rainwater results — floods of fragrant, foamy lather — even in hardest water. Rinses out easily, completely, no after rinse needed.

White Rain vintage shampoo ad 1953

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Much more luster! See how WHITE RAIN awakens glistening “sunshine” in your hair, gives a new, brighter, lovelier sheen.

Much more softness! Feel how WHITE RAIN gives your waves and curls the caressing softness of a summer cloud.

Much e-a-s-i-e-r to comb and set! Thrill to the way WHITE RAIN leaves your hair delightfully tangle-free… care-free like naturally curly hair.

Now — get WHITE RAIN at your favorite cosmetic counter — the only shampoo guaranteed not to dull, not to dry your hair. It costs no more than ordinary shampoos and once you’ve tried this new hair-care sensation, you’ll never use dulling, drying shampoos again! One dollar… also in 60c and 30c sizes.

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WHITE RAIN — New, gentle lotion shampoo by Toni

Better than soaps… better than cremes… better than liquids

GUARANTEE: The Toni Company guarantees WHITE RAIN to be non-dulling, non-drying. Try a bottle. If you don’t agree, return the unused portion to The Toni Co., Merchandise Mart, Chicago, Ill., for a full refund.

White Rain shampoo: Beauty for your hair

White Rain shampoo new in 1951 - Indianapolis newspaper ad

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White Rain shampoo: Fabulous new lotion shampoo by Toni (1950s)

White Rain vintage ad

Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific shampoo & conditioner (’70s-’80s)

Use new White Rain shampoo tonight – tomorrow your hair will be sunshine bright! (1953)

White Rain vintage shampoo ad from 1953

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