Romantic tradition returns: Somewhere in Time (1980)

Technically superior, if overly sentimental, Somewhere in Time will appeal to the feminine strain in those women who have been confronted mercilessly by the Clayburghian figure, i.e., one of independence and confusion.

Stop your kids from becoming juvenile delinquents (1958)

When I was a kid, we had the same desire to loot and pillage and rape as these kids today, we were as savage as kids always are, but at the same time we knew that our parents and all other grownups were unalterably opposed to it, and we didn't do it.

Back to the Future charms, but falls short (1985)

A 17-year-old, bored high school youth teams up with a zonked out inventor to fly a DeLorean car back in time. That’s the original, charming concept of Back to the Future, the latest pleasantry on the summer fantasy trail.