See why Debbie Reynolds was a darling of the ’50s & ’60s – one who created another star

Actress Debbie Reynolds

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Debbie Reynolds: Photo scrapbook (1978)

The unsinkable star shares her very personal memories of her broken marriages, her two children and her career

Some might call her the hard-luck kid. Her first husband ran off with Elizabeth Taylor. Her second husband left her saddled with heavy debts. Her daughter, Carrie Fisher, on her way to stardom, didn’t talk to her mother for a while.

Young Debbie Reynolds in 1952 (2)

Debbie’s own up-and-down career of 30 years as an entertainer hit bottom last year when her one-woman show flopped resoundingly on Broadway. Is Debbie Reynolds down? Not on your life. “I’m really, really up,” she says defiantly.

Still Dresden-doll pretty at 45 (but steely strong inside), Debbie means every word of her optimism. And you have a chance to believe her when you watch her work the audience at a dinner show in a club called The Nugget in Sparks, Nevada, near Reno.

You can only marvel at her. She kisses bald-headed men and calls them Charlie, their wives Mary, walks across tabletops interviewing children and picks up first names to use later in her act.

Debbie Reynolds personal photo scrapbook (2)

Debbie Reynolds personal photo scrapbook (3)

Debbie’s photos

“Here I am, a few months old and already acting.”

“I entered the Miss Burbank contest to get a free blouse and skirt. I was stunned when I won the title!”

Debbie Reynolds personal photo scrapbook (4)

Captions by Debbie Reynolds

“My career really started with Singin’ in the Rain with Gene Kelly. I practiced dancing for it till my feet bled!”

“I lived at home with my mom and dad right up to the day I married Eddie Fisher.”

Debbie Reynolds personal photo scrapbook (1)


Debbie Reynolds - Tammy - A Very Special Love (1957)

Debbie Reynolds for Junior House fashions (1952)

Debbie Reynolds for Lux Soap (1956)

Debbie Reynolds in her wedding dress (1960)

Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds on the cover of Modern Screen magazine - May 1956

Young Debbie Reynolds in 1952 (1)

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