Chocolate chip cookies: Your ultimate guide to the best ever vintage recipes (1930s-2000)

Chocolate chip cookies Your ultimate guide to the best ever vintage recipes

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America’s favorite cookie

Given its status as perhaps THE favorite American cookie — for Christmas baking or otherwise — you may be surprised to know that chocolate chip cookies as we know them have been around for less than a century.

Ruth Graves Wakefield, the proprietor and chef of the old Toll House Inn in Massachusetts, created and published the first-ever recipe for chocolate chip cookies in her cookbook in 1938.

American soldiers stationed overseas during WWII helped popularize the cookies, and ultimately, Wakefield gave her Toll House recipe to Nestle in exchange for a lifetime supply of chocolate.

Since then, there are countless riffs on the original recipe. Some variations adjust the ingredient ratios for denser, softer, and/or chewier chocolate chip cookies versus those that are more crispy and crunchy. Other variations call for cocoa in the cookie dough for a double chocolate factor.

And the options for add-ins go well beyond the humble chocolate morsel! You can mix in nuts of any variety; dried fruit like cranberries, cherries or raisins; chopped up candy bars or m&ms; as well as any flavor chip, from white chocolate and butterscotch, to peanut butter or mint-flavored.

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Chocolate chip cookies are an easy bake

Part of the charm of this cookie is its simplicity. You don’t even need to pull out a mixer to bake these cookies — just assemble a mixing bowl and wooden spoon and you’ll get the job done.

The typical chocolate chip cookie dough starts with creamed fat and sugar — these days most recipes call for butter and some portion of brown sugar — before stirring in egg and vanilla and then the flour, salt and raising agent. Mix-ins like chocolate chips are added once the cookie dough is formed.

Below we have collected some of the most well-known, classic versions of this vintage cookie recipe. Which one is your favorite?

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