The Easter Egg Cake recipe (1969)

This Easter cake isn’t super-simple to make — there are, in fact, three diagrams to help you assemble it — but the finished product is likely to impress coconut lovers and kids alike!

The Easter Egg Cake and how to hatch it

Using 1 box of cake mix, bake an 8-inch and a 9-inch layer cake. Cool.

Cut 9-inch layer as shown in diagram A and 8-inch layer as shown in diagram B.

Split 2 ring sections from diagram B. Arrange pieces as shown in diagram C, placing split ring sections above and below smaller zigzag piece.

Next, make 4-1/2 cups (2-egg white) Seven Minute Frosting; secure cake pieces with frosting.

Tint 3 cups frosting pink with red food coloring; frost egg portion of cake. Frost rest of cake with remaining frosting.

Now, using 1 package (7 oz.) Baker’s Angel Flake Coconut and food coloring, tint 1/2 cup coconut yellow, 1/3 cup coconut pink, and 1 cup coconut green.

Sprinkle yellow coconut over neck, head, and beak. Make a diamond pattern across egg with pink coconut. Sprinkle green coconut over nest, and remaining white coconut around diamonds.

Decorate to taste using licorice strings and jelly beans.

1969 Easter cake recipe - vintage dessert

Easter cake diagram/template

Easter cake diagram/template

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