Kodak Brownie movie cameras made home movies affordable – for better or for worse

Vintage Kodak Brownie movie camera

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Easy as snapshots: Thrilling home movies, with this inexpensive camera (1955)

Brownie Movie Camera, only $37.50

Captures all the action… all the color…of your good times

Thrilling home movies with the Brownie Movie Camera (1955)

If you’ve been missing out on the fun of home movies because you think they are hard to make… or expensive… don’t wait any longer.

Hundreds of thousands of families are already enjoying home movies made with a Brownie Movie Camera. And they’ll tell you that the Brownie is as easy to use as a snapshot camera (easier, some say)… economical, too.

There’s one simple setting to make — just one — and a built-in guide tells you how. Then you aim, press the button. That’s all there is to it.

The Brownie is all camera, handsomely styled and ruggedly engineered for years of trouble-free service.

See the Brownie Movie Camera at your Kodak dealer’s. No reason at all why you can’t start your family movie diary this very weekend. Ask to see a sample reel of the wonderful movies you can make. Then ask about small down payment and easy terms. (Or mail coupon for free booklet.)

Brownie movie camera kit with f/1.9 lens (1956)

Vintage Kodak Brownie movie cameras from 1956 (2)

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Brownie 300 movie outfit, complete (1956)

Vintage Kodak Brownie movie cameras from 1956 (1)

Save every splash – with a Brownie Movie Camera (1961)

1961 - Brownie Movie Cameras

1960 kodak movie camera and projector

Kodak Brownie Fun Saver Movie Camera (1963)

Special offer—to introduce you to the ease and fun of personal movies! Low price includes 8mm camera, a roll of KODACHROME II Movie Film, and an in-formative idea book. BROWNIE FUN SAVER Movie Camera … less than $20.

1963 - Kodak Brownie Fun Saver Movie Camera

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