So much silver! See antique sets of 1847 Rogers Bros silver plate cutlery in dozens of patterns

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Rogers Bros silver 1921

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

About antique 1847 Rogers Bros silver plate from the early 20th century

The ORIGINAL and GENUINE ROGERS’ goods for half a century have maintained the highest reputation for quality, workmanship and style, and made the name of “ROGERS” on Electro Silver Plate celebrated.

So well had the quality of this brand he- come known to the public throughout the world, that purchasers called for ROGERS’ goods, and would take no other. This condition of things has brought into the market during the past few years, a number of so-called ROGERS’ STAMPS, used for the purpose of reaping a benefit from the universal demand for the ROGERS & BRO. A-1 goods. Hot only has our brand been closely imitated, but the patterns, style of packing, color of the paper, and the labels, have been copied.

Purchasers, therefore, to secure the GENUINE ROGERS’ goods should examine the brand carefully, and insist upon getting those bearing our Trade Mark,

ROGERS & BRO., A-1 are made of the finest quality Nickel Silver, are heavily plated with pure Silver, carefully weighed before and after plating, and are guaranteed in every way. The different grades of Plate are designated by the Stamp upon the back of each article.

Long experience, highly skilled workmen, valuable patented machinery and ample facilities, enable us to produce goods of the highest class at the lowest prices consistent with the best quality.

Attention is called to the beauty and variety of patterns offered, to which are frequently added new designs. The Savoy and Tuxedo are the latest, and conceded to be the handsomest patterns ever made in Electro Silver Plate.

This valuable process is no untried experiment, but has been used for the past twenty years, and has proved all that was ever claimed for it. The articles are first plated a Triple Plate on all the parts most exposed to wear, after which the whole is plated the regular Extra or Triple Plate, as desired, over the XII plating.

The illustration shows the appearance of the goods after the XII Plate has been deposited. When the final coat of silver is plated on, and the article burnished, the appearance is exactly the same as goods plated in the ordinary way.

6 stunning silver Victorian tilting water pitchers (1889)

1847 Rogers Bros: Silver of high degree (1906)

Vintage – Vesta – Berkshire – Avon

Silver of high degree (1906) Vintage - Vesta - Berkshire - Avon

Through three wars (1903)

All these years, Rogers Bros spoons and forks have been famous.

1903 Ad 1847 Rogers Bros

Guide to easy entertaining: Table settings (1958)

1847 Rogers Bros: Silverplate (1921)

The Ambassador Pattern in 1847 Rogers Bros Silverplate carries the prestige of a name. This new pattern is the accredited representative of a bland of silverplate that has enjoyed a preference for seventy five years. In daily service, it will live up to all traditions of quality and through its beauty be a lasting pleasure.

Rogers Bros silver 1921

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Furnishing the home with silverware (1922)

In many homes, the silverware is held in a special regard. This is because the various members of the family add to it from time to time on the occasion of certain anniversaries — mother’s birthday, wedding anniversary or Christmas — and all take an interest in gradually making the service table complete.

Furnishing the home with silverware (1922)

75th anniversary silverplate (1922)

75th anniversary silverplate (1922)

The Heraldic pattern (1921)

The Heraldic Pattern, with its distinctive outline and decorative crest, possesses a degree of individuality that is most unusual.

The Heraldic pattern (1921

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“Silver plate that wears.” (1905)

Beauty and durability in spoons, forks, knives, etc. are assured if you purchase those bearing this trademark: “1847 Rogers Bros.”

Remember “1847 Rogers Bros” — take no substitute. There are “Rogers” and others claimed to be “just as good,” but like all imitations, they lack the merit and value identified with the original and genuine.

Meriden Britannia Co (International Silver Co successor), Meriden, Connecticut.

1847 Rogers Bros Silver plate cutlery

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