A Coleco pool for the backyard: Above-ground swimming pools (1970)

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Coleco above-ground swimming pool (1970)

A variety of pools to fit every taste, every yard, every pocketbook

“We love our Coleco pool!”

“I work out every day. Our Coleco pool really keeps me in shape.”

“I just bought the only vacation you can keep — a Coleco pool. Would you believe it cost me less than taking the family away for two weeks?”

“I’ve got my new bikini. I’ve got my pool. I’ve got the kids coming ’round. Like WOW… I’ve got the whole world right here in my own backyard.”

A Coleco pool for the backyard: Above-ground swimming pools (1970)

Luxury swimming at costs so low! Redwood round Coleco pools

24-FT DIAMETER — 4-Feet Deep

Beautifully finished with the natural look of redwood, these pools are elegant and luxurious in every way. With rugged 6″ top deck ledges, Redwood pools are designed for families who look for luxury at a popular price.

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Complete with these features:

  • Rugged 6″ Lock-Frame construction
  • Handsome vinyl-laminated steel wall with wood grain decor
  • Heavier 20 gauge winterized liner with registered warranty and
  • 10-year factory service agreement
  • Custom Hydro-Skim in-wall skimmer for cleaner water

Coleco’s decks, patios and fencing are designed with one thought in mind to give you more. More pleasure, more convenience, more comfort and more safety.

The genuine California Redwood decks are wide enough to permit swimmers to walk around the pool. And the patios (all designed with self-Iatching safety gates) provide happy hours of sunning and chatting a leisurely afternoon away.

Coleco has taken the lead in meeting the most stringent fencing codes by offering a simple, inexpensive aluminum fencing that prevents unauthorized entry into your pool.

There’s a wide selection of decks, patios and fencing from which to choose. These optional accessories can be added at any time.

Vintage Coleco pool for the backyard: Above-ground swimming pools (1970)

Coleco family-size swimming pool packages

Giant 12′ x 36″ pool package! Famous telescoping frame construction, complete with rugged steel top and bottom rails. Pool ladder, foot bath and heavy-duty 1200 gallon filter. Multi-color wall.

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Summer fun for the whole family. Now only $88.

Vintage Coleco pools from 1970 - above-ground swimming (1)

Get a Coleco pool: Giant family pools (1970)

Fantastic 30-foot family-leisure center with redwood sun deck and aluminum fencing all around: $1399

The ultimate in luxurious above-the-ground swimming pools!… It’s rigid and sturdy, with all steel parts galvanized, bonderized and vinyl acrylic painted.

From Coleco Industries

Vintage Coleco pool for the backyard: Above-ground swimming pools (1970)

A Coleco pool for the backyard: Above-ground swimming pools (1970)

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