Vintage above-ground pools like these made swimming & summer water fun affordable

Vintage above-ground pools

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Remember vintage above-ground pools — the kind that were big enough to actually swim in, but that you didn’t need to dig a big hole for?

They were often sold as kits, so a handy do-it-yourselfer could set up most of them in a weekend. Dive back in time to see a few!

Vintage above-ground pool from Doughboy 1947

A look back at Doughboy-style pools (1954)

Ever dream of having your own family swimming pool but switch to another thought because of the anticipated cost? Get hep, brother. It’s not as expensive as you may think.

In fact, for $175, you can purchase a giant inflatable plastic pool with a capacity of 5,500 gallons of water that a half-dozen adults can comfortably enjoy at one time: double that number of youngsters can swim and splash to their hearts’ content without a kick in the eye.

This backyard pool has been created by Doughboy Industries Inc. of New Richmond, Wisconsin, and it measures 57 feet around, 18 feet in diameter, and is nearly 3 feet deep. It is supported by a decorative galvanized steel mesh wall, and the pool itself is made of strong laminated Krene plastic film, with the seams heat-sealed with the firm’s exclusive heat sealers.

Vintage above-ground pools from 1958

The firm — which also turns out a $50 pool which is 8-1/2 feet in diameter and a $100 pool 12 feet in diameter, both supported by rigid, ribbed walls of thin slats of wood — decided to engineer family pools after surveys and reports showed the trend was toward homes with more yard space and the need for pools in new residential districts.

It joined with well-known landscape artists and engineers to work out plans that permit families to make their own luxury setting for the pool, using sod, slabs of stone, and rock.

Of course, this pool is just one of the many types now being manufactured. It’s singled out merely to show what sizes are available and how cheaply they may be obtained.

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Vintage above-ground pools from 1964

Vintage Doughboy above-ground swimming pools: Giant 22-foot pool

Low cost fun for the whole family… Big enough to swim in…built to last for years!

A real full-size swimming pool you can enjoy all summer long … for season-after-season of wholesome family fun!

This new 22-foot Doughboy Family Pool is a full 42 inches deep — BIG enough for the biggest adult; gives youngsters plenty of room to practice their swimming where you can keep an eye on them.

And you can put it up yourself in an hour or less on any level ground — no digging; no expensive installation; no costly servicing or maintenance. At summer’s end, just fold it up and store in the convenient shipping carton. Steel-mesh sides and Dough-boy’s exclusive Forti-Plyed construction with heat-sealed seams guarantee year after year of the toughest use.

See this new Doughboy 22-foot Family Pool at your dealer’s now! (Doughboy rigid-side pools also available in 18-ft., 12-ft., and 8-1/2 -ft. sizes; prices begin at $50.00.)

1955's vintage Doughboy swimming pool

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DIY above-ground pool with retro flower design (1969)

Retro above-ground pools with flowers - from 1969

Vintage above-ground pools from Coleco in the ’70s

A variety of pools to fit every taste, every yard, every pocketbook

“We love our Coleco pool!”

“I work out every day. Our Coleco pool really keeps me in shape.”

“I just bought the only vacation you can keep — a Coleco pool. Would you believe it cost me less than taking the family away for two weeks?”

“I’ve got my new bikini. I’ve got my pool. I’ve got the kids coming ’round. Like WOW… I’ve got the whole world right here in my own backyard.”

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A Coleco pool for the backyard: Above-ground swimming pools (1970)

Luxury swimming at costs so low! Redwood round Coleco pools

24-FT DIAMETER — 4-Feet Deep — Beautifully finished with the natural look of redwood, these pools are elegant and luxurious in every way. With rugged 6″ top deck ledges, Redwood pools are designed for families who look for luxury at a popular price.

Complete with these features:

  • Rugged 6″ Lock-Frame construction
  • Handsome vinyl-laminated steel wall with wood grain decor
  • Heavier 20 gauge winterized liner with registered warranty and
  • 10-year factory service agreement
  • Custom Hydro-Skim in-wall skimmer for cleaner water

Coleco’s decks, patios and fencing are designed with one thought in mind to give you more. More pleasure, more convenience, more comfort and more safety.

Vintage Coleco pool for the backyard: Above-ground swimming pools (1970)

The genuine California Redwood decks are wide enough to permit swimmers to walk around the pool. And the patios (all designed with self-latching safety gates) provide happy hours of sunning and chatting a leisurely afternoon away.

Coleco has taken the lead in meeting the most stringent fencing codes by offering a simple, inexpensive aluminum fencing that prevents unauthorized entry into your pool.

There’s a wide selection of decks, patios and fencing from which to choose. These optional accessories can be added at any time.

Vintage small above-ground pools from 1979

Vintage small above-ground pools from 1979

Retro ’80s DIY swimming pools for kids

Giant 12′ x 36″ pool package! Famous telescoping frame construction, complete with rugged steel top and bottom rails. Pool ladder, foot bath and heavy-duty 1200 gallon filter. Multi-color wall. Summer fun for the whole family. 

Old-fashioned wooden-side swimming pool from the eighties

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Large backyard kiddie pools from the eighties

Retro 80s DIY swimming pools for kids

Vintage above-ground pools from the 1990s

Vintage above-ground pools from the 1990s (1)

Retro 1990s above ground DIY pools

Vintage above-ground pools from the 1990s (4)

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