See vintage kiddie swimming pools & little inflatable backyard wading pools for children

Vintage kiddie swimming pools and inflatable backyard wading pools for children

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This wading pool stayed outside through sun and storms… (1952)

Withstood roughhouse abuse from healthy youngsters!

Plastic kiddie pool from the 1950s - 1952

Yellow vintage inflatable tool for babies & toddlers

Vintage kiddie swimming pools - Inflatables

Oceans of fun… right in your own backyard!

1965 Bakelite Kreme swimming pools

Vintage swimming pools: Oceans of fun… right in your own backyard!

The whole family’s getting in the swim this summer with pools and playthings made of wonder-wearing, waterproof KRENE, Sturdily built for fun and action, they inflate quickly and easily … can be compactly folded for easy packing and winter storage.

Krene identifies the amazing, modern-day material made by Bakelite Company, leader in the industry for 43 years. Every step in its making is carefully controlled to ensure high quality, excellent performance.

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LIKE DUCKS TAKE TO WATER! No wonder water playthings made of KRENE are popular as summer itself with boys and girls… even grown-ups!

In sunny colors and bright, imaginative designs, there’s a variety wide enough to appeal to everybody. Watertight and lasting, they resist ripping, cracking and mildew. Each buoyant, bouncy toy is easily and quickly inflated …so compact when folded, you can take it anywhere!

Jun 7, 1954 Bakelite Krene backyard swimming pools

Vintage Doughboy above-ground swimming pools & water toys

Doughboy water playmates: Inexpensive fun for the whole family

LOOK! DOUGHBOY’S 12 FT. FAMILY POOL. No digging, no installation costs. Large enough for young and old to swim in clean safe water. 1600 gal. capacity, 2 ft. depth. Valves for water circulation. $100. Other Doughboy “Family” Pools from $50 to $175.

Tough and terrific… Doughboy… These giant inflatable beach toys are easy to inflate, deflate, carry. And they last and last, because they’re made of rugged FORTI-PLYED Vinylite two layers thick.

Jun 7, 1954 Doughboy pools and backyard fun

Backyard beach with your own wading pool

They’re happy and safe at home, with a sturdy Doughboy inflatable wading pool. It’s easy to inflate, fill and drain, Illustrated: Deluxe 6 ft, Poot (155 gal., 10-in. depth), $15. Other wading pools from 38 in. to 7 ft. Priced from $3 to $30.

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Jun 8, 1953 Doughboy backyard pools

Smaller vintage Doughboy inflatable swimming pools


Inflatable plastic toys and pools are built to last season-after-season with Doughboy’s exclusive Forti-Plyed film (two layers of tough plastic, permanently bonded together) and patented heat-sealed seams. Colors and decorations are part of the plastic — won’t wash or fade out.

Vintage Doughboy pools and swimming fun from the 1950s

Little retro ’50s blow-up pool for preschool-age kids

Little blow-up wading pool from the 1950s

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Air wall baby pool in blue

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Inflatable wading pools for children from the 60s (1)

Inflatable pools by Hampshire (1969)

Inflatable wading pools for children from the 60s (2)

Jun 8, 1953 Doughboy backyard pools

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Vintage vacuum-formed plastic kiddie pools (not inflatable)

Vintage 1960s water toys (4)

Plastic kiddie pools from 1969 (1)

Plastic kiddie pools from 1969 (2)


A sturdy, roomy pool youngsters will be content to play in for hours! Tubular steel frame goes together in minutes without screws or bolts. Heavy-duty pool liner lasts for years; nothing to inflate.

Plenty of fun-filled extras, too: four steel “clip-on” corner seats; die-cast aluminum “shower” attaches to any garden hose; decorated “Waikiki” pattern bottom. See this new type pool at your dealers now. Prices begin at $10.00.

1954’s “Miss Universe”, Miriam Stevenson, wearing new 1955 Catalina bathing suit exclusively created for this photo.

1955 Doughboy swimming pool - Backyard beach

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