Ready-made & canned cocktails from the 60s & 70s were the coolest party drinks (no bartender required)

Retro cocktail mixes

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Why stop the party to mix drinks, when you could have the perfect booze blend ready to go right from a can?

That was the theory behind the retro ready-made canned cocktails that were popular in the 60s and 70s, including the ones shown here, made by companies like Heublein, Holland House and The Club.

From 1961: How to mix perfect cocktails every time (in no time)

Take home a bottle of a Holland House Cocktail Mix. Add your favorite brand of liquor. Stir caressingly. Or shake enthusiastically.

Instant cocktails. Fresh cocktails. Fresh made because you mix them yourself seconds before sipping. Fresh tasting because Holland House is a perfect blend of the world’s finest, freshest natural ingredients: select spices, aromatic herbs, and pure citrus juices.

There’s something decidedly debonair about mixing and serving your own masterful cocktails. Holland House simply makes it easier, quicker. Every cocktail expertly perfect (every time).

There are nine delicious mixes. Economical full pint makes 22 to 43 drinks, just 89c. (Slightly higher in Southern and Western states.) Look for them at food and beverage stores everywhere.

1961 - Vintage bottled Holland House cocktails drinks

“Most people can’t make cocktails as good as these — and I wish they wouldn’t try!” – Robert Goulet

All the liquor’s in the bottle — nothing to add but ice. If you don’t mix perfect cocktails, pour ‘ern. Right from the Heublein bottle. Cocktails so good they’re served with pride on every leading airline.

Heublein Cocktails come with all the good liquor in the bottle, unlike “mixes” that make you add your own. They’re full strength. Completely ready to serve. Just pour on-the-rocks.

Heublein Cocktails: 12 kinds — better than most people make

Robert Goulet for Heublein retro ready-made cocktail mixes (1965)

Actor Tony Randall for Heublein Cocktails (1961)

Enjoy Heublein Cocktails at home. They cost less than plain whiskey. (Taste better, too!)

If you think you can’t afford the luxury of cocktails, think again! At a cost of only 25 cents a drink, Heublein Cocktails give you all you ever asked for in a Manhattan or Dry Martini… a Daiquiri or Whiskey Sour.

Just easy to pour as plain whiskey — yet they taste much more delicious … and cost less. All are made with choice liquors, expertly proportioned.

Tony Randall for Heublein Cocktails (1961)

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Heublein 11-t0-1 vodka martini (1964)

Vintage Heublein cocktails 1964

Heublein Cocktails featuring actress Angela Lansbury (1966)

“Put the spirit of Mame in your party,” says Angela Lansbury.

Serve Heublein Cocktails. They’re full strength with all the liquor in the real liquor bottle. 14 kinds. Just pour on-the-rocks…and take bows.


Angela Lansbury - Mame - Cocktails from 1966

Actor Jack Palance for Heublein Cocktails (1966)

Heublein Cocktails: better than most people make.

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Vintage Jack Palance - Whiskey Sour

Vintage Heublein Cocktails ad featuring Gypsy Rose Lee (1966)

“Put on a variety show at your next party,” says Gypsy Rose Lee.

Vintage Gypsy Rose Lee ad for easy cocktail mixes from Heublein

Now: Heublein – adventurous cocktails (1968)

Everything to make it happen comes inside the bottle.

Uncap the new free spirit in liquor. 17 uninhibited drinks from Heublein — all very strong on flavor. The finest liquor and her mixings in the whole drinking world come right in the bottle. Nothing to squeeze. measure, mix or add. Just pour over ice.

Mai-Tai, Margarita, Black Russian, Daiquiri, Gimlet, Stinger, Side Car, Old Fashioned. Manhattan. Four Sours: Whiskey, Vodka, Tequila, and Apricot. Four Martinis: Two Gin and Two Vodka. 50-75 Proof. Heublein, Inc., Hartford Conn.

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Heublein adventurous retro ready-made cocktail mixes (1968)

Canned Clubtails, Faster than Cocktails. (1969)

Inside every can, you’ll find three honest-to•goodness fresh cocktails. Liquor and all. Only they’re much faster and better than ordinary cocktails, we call them Clubtails.

Because they come in cans, Clubtails will go with you to the ends of the Earth, indoors and outdoors.

Naturally, there would be no point to all of this unless we used the finest and freshest ingredients in every Clubtail. And we do. In all nine of them, from Extra Dry Martinis to fresh frothy Daiquiris.

Clubtails - Faster than cocktails (1969)

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Clubtails. We canned it like it is. (1970)

Inside every can, you’ll find three honest-to-goodness fresh cocktails. Liquor and all. 

They don’t taste homemade. They’re mixed professionally. With the finest ingredients we can lay our hands on. Like Smirnoff vodka for the Vodka martinis, gimlets and screwdrivers. 

And because the cans are aluminum, they chill faster. All you do is flip open and serve. Whenever you’re ready, we are. Where you are.

The best thing are the nine delicious flavors: extra-dry martini, vodka martini, Manhattan, vodka gimlet, daiquiri, screwdriver, whiskey sour, margarita and mai tai.

Only we call them Clubtails. Because they’re so much easier, quicker and better than cocktails. “I’ll drink to that.”

Retro 1970s Club cocktail mixes in cans - Clubtails

Holland House cocktail mixes (1970s)


When the summer sun is high in the sky, the tonic you need may be more than the trickle of pleasure you get from a gin and tonic. It’s the wave of pleasure you get from the Tall Cool Ones from Holland House.

Take, for example, our passionately delicious Pina Colada. Our fruity Hawaiian Mai Tai. Our tingling Sours. Or our ice creamy Grasshopper, Alexander and Pink Squirrel.

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Each is the tallest, lightest, freshest, most thirst-quenching thing this side of Labor Day. All you do is fill the tallest glass you can find with all the ice it will hold. And pour in any Holland House Cocktail — mixed the usual easy way.

So take a vacation from the usual summer drinks. Invite your friends over for a pitcherful of your favorite Holland House Cocktail (you have 40 mixes to choose from, liquid and dry).

Then let the whole gang plunge into some refreshing Toll Cool Ones from Holland House.

Vintage 1970s Holland House cocktail mixes

Vintage 1970s Heublein fruit daiquiri mix (1977)

It’s a delicious new experience. And it’s just one of the beautiful crop of fruit-drenched daiquiris, fresh from Heublein.

Every bottle is ripe with succulent fruit flavor and fine rum. There’s Peach. Banana. Strawberry. And Pineapple.

Aren’t you ripe for something deliciously new? Go ahead. Sink your teeth into the juiciest daiquiris around.

Vintage 70s Heublein fruit daiquiri mix (1977)

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Introducing the Club Strawberry Daiquiri canned cocktail mxies (1977)

It lets you mingle instead of mix. Strawberry is the new taste treat. And with it, The Club makes the coolest, tastiest strawberry daiquiri ever.

Chill a few cans (or any of our 12 other favorite flavors), and instead of fiddlin’ around with mixed drinks, you can fool around with your friends.

Vintage drink mix - The Club - 1970s

Retro 70s Heublein Whiskey Sour drink mix in a bottle (1977)

The sociable sour: tart, tasty, and filled with memories of good times with good friends.

Try it… All the liquor’s in it. The Heublein whiskey sour.

Retro 70s Heublein Whiskey Sour drink mix (1977)

Heublein Margarita drink mix (1977)

The magnificent margarita: it brings you images of cactus flowers, Aztec ruins… And the thrust of the matador.

Try it. All the tequila’s in it. The Heublein margarita.

Vintage Heublein Margarita drink mix (1977)

Heublein Manhattan drink mix (1977)

How can anything named after Manhattan be as gutsy, swinging and alive?

Heublein Manhattan drink mix (1977)

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Heublein Pink Squirrel drink mix (1977)

Introducing the taste people go almonds for. The Heublein pink squirrel.

If almonds are your kind of nuts, you’ll leap at our new Pink Squirrel.

The Pink Squirrel is luscious Creme de Almond, laced with Creme de Cacao and other delicious ingredients. It’s the most tempting, smoothest tasting drink ever.

Pre-mixed and ready to pour. The Pink Squirrel: Why not start hoarding it now?

Heublein Pink Squirrel drink mix (1977)

Vintage Heublein Pina Colada drink mix (1978)

Just add ice… sip… suddenly you’re on a tropic isle. Only Heublein mixes sweet, light rum with the essence of pineapple and coconut this magical way.

Heublein Pina Colada drink mix (1978)

Vintage Cocktails for Two bottles from 1979

Some drinks shown: Apricot sour, Manhattan, Pina Colada, Black Russian, margarita, banana colada

Vintage Cocktails for Two bottles from 1979

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