Frozen waffles from Downyflake (1973)

Hot-n-Buttery frozen waffles from Downyflake (1973)

… new …different … better: Hot-n-Buttery

The only waffle that’s pre-spread for toasted-in buttery crispness

As it toasts, a Hot-n-Buttery waffle’s exclusive artificial butter-flavored spread melts and toasts its buttery flavor right into the waffle.

Hot-n-Buttery then pops up with a golden brown buttery-flavored crispness that you just can’t get with any other brand of frozen waffles.

Hot-n-Buttery frozen waffles from Downyflake (1973)

Frozen waffles: Buttery puddle in every square

Product not available in Minnesota

PET Incorporated/Downyflake frozen products

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