1950s hat trends: The cloche, cap, scoop brim & other headwear for her

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1950s hat trends played on fashions of the past. See how designers updated styles in these pictures of vintage headwear, including a flower hat and a wide feather-light straw so sheer that the sun shines through.

1950 hat trends

A hat to please

A white hat, a flower hat, a wide feather-light straw so sheer that the sun shines through…

This spring, hats have a lovely quality of becomingness.

Cloche, cap, hood, peaked hat, wide sailor, scoop brim

Hat with side width, some go forward, some show the hairline, some tilt sideways… you are the one to please.

Hats for ladies from 1950

About the hats shown above:

Lacy white straw, side-tilted with a veil, by Mr John

A springtime helmet of yellow daffodils with green leaves, by Lilly Dache

The cartwheel in sheer blue baku, by Hattie Carnegie, perfect hat for silk suits. Printed surah by Adele Simpson

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Vintage hats and headwear

1950s hat trends: Details on the looks shown above

The fashion of the white hat, forward-tilted cloche, rose petal trim and a sheer veil, by Chanda — the feminine look with a man-tailored suit, worn with fresh flowers, crystal and pearl jewelry.

Shantung straw sailor with ribbon and half-veil, by John Frederics. Shantung suit, Nettie Rosenstein’s choker.

Scoop-brim toyo by Lilly Dache. The hat that goes so well with prints or surahs. Surah dress, Larry Aldrich

1950 hat trends

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