Lemonade cake recipe with pudding from 1977

Easy classic lemonade cake recipe (1977)

For one of the most lemony lemon cakes you can make, bake a Jello pudding lemonade cake. It's a deliciously light and moist triple lemon treat, and the recipe is simple!

Pudding banana cake recipe

It's easy to slip on a banana cake; it can turn out too dry. But when you make it with Jell-O Brand Banana Creme Pudding, it'll be extra moist, extra rich in banana flavor, extra delicious.
8 classic homemade chocolate custard recipes

8 classic homemade chocolate custard recipes

Here is a collection of eight deliciously sweet homemade chocolate custard recipes from a variety of vintage cookbooks and newspapers. These are truly old-fashioned recipes, as all were published between 1912 and 1919.

Jell-O pudding brownies recipes (1960s)

Chewy, moist pudding brownies. If you loved them as a kid, try this recipe. It'll bring back the good old days. Two recipes from the '60s for you to try!
Salted 9 ways to use homemade caramel syrup (1919)fudge

9 ways to use homemade caramel syrup (1919)

The flavor of homemade caramel syrup depends entirely on how hot the sugar has gotten before water was added. But when you get it right, you end up with an amazingly complex and sweet syrup to pour on desserts and use in a variety of ways. Here's a look!