Charles Bronson at home (1975)

Picture dated November 1970 of US actor Charles Br

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Charles Bronson’s home in Vermont

by Muriel Davidson

He has many houses and lives wherever filmmaking takes him, but this superstar is most “at home” in his Vermont farmhouse. “Off-screen, Charlie is a gentle family man,” says actress-wife Jill Ireland.

Below, left: “Charlie and I enjoy being here alone,” says Jill. “We rarely bring guests, just the children.”

Below, right: Bronson delights in searching out antiques, such as this carousel horse he bought for his daughter.

Charles Bronson home tour from 1975 (2)

Three flags fly

US, Vermont and British flags fly when the Bronsons, shown with Zuleika, visit their New England retreat. The two-story house has six bedrooms, guest wing and, according to Jill, “rooms I haven’t even counted.”

Charles Bronson home tour from 1975 (4)

Charles Bronson’s Vermont clapboard farmhouse from 1791

The Bronsons’ yellow clapboard farmhouse, set on 260 acres, is tucked behind white birches in the Green Mountains. It was built in 1791 by an English Tory who remained in Vermont after the Revolutionary War.

Charles Bronson home tour from 1975 (1)

Jill and Zuleika Bronson

Below: Jill and Zuleika, age 3, have lunch in the family’s favorite spot, the dining room. Bronson insists on a round table, saying “In this family, no one sits at the head of the table.”

Charles Bronson home tour from 1975 (3)

Michael Landon and his family at home (1975)

Charles Bronson on cover of People magazine (August 19, 1974)

Charles Bronson on cover of People magazine 1974

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  1. Charles Bronson was,my favorite male actor and he,lived a tragic life when his wife died of breast cancer in California as he loved and cherished her!my Abenaki anscestors,are from the New England ,Quebec area !!

    1. Yes, you rarely saw him smiling after Jill Ireland died. His 3rd wife must have felt like she could never live up to Jill Ireland ~ the woman he would love forever. He had Jill Ireland cremated and put her ashes in a cane which he was buried with when he died in 2003. Sad.

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