I love carpet: Lucy & Desi Arnaz choose their dream carpet (1955)

I love carpet Lucy & Desi Arnaz choose their dream carpet (1955)

1955 Lucy and Desi for Bigelow carpet (2)

From all these beautiful Bigelows, Lucille and Desi Arnaz chose their dream carpet

BIGELOW has such a wide and wonderful selection of beautiful carpets, it’s easy to find the perfect one for your home. Mr. and Mrs. Arnaz discovered this when they bought their Bigelow dream carpet.

And you’ll discover it, too, when you visit your Bigelow retailer. You’ll find every color, texture and pattern you’ve ever dreamed of, right at your fingertips, on the new Bigelow Sample-Bar. So stop in at your Bigelow retailer’s today. Let him help you select the “just right” carpet for your modern or traditional home.

This page will give you an inkling of all the beautiful, dutiful, value-packed carpets you’ll see.

Which would you choose for your home?

  • DRISCOLL luxurious pile with costly hand-carved look. Turquoise, Beige, Rose, Grey, Nutria, Green.
  • BEAUVAIS offers you a wonderful choice of Florals, Leaves and Self-tones for your modern or traditional home.
  • REXMERE tight-twist loop pile in Blue, Beige, Grey, Gold, Red, Cocoa, Green, Turquoise, Rose.
  • CHAPEL HILL is famous for its high style at low cost. Your choice of Florals, Leaves, Self-tones.
  • SIBONEY is an elegant Wilton with 3-dimensional pile. Rose, Beige, Grey, Cinnamon, Nutria, Green.
  • BONNELLE is a new carpet design that features varying shades of a color. Green, Grey, Beige, Tan.
  • WAIKIKI in so deep and soft and luxurious. It’s like a cloud underfoot. 12 gorgeous colors.
  • RADFORD is a handsome Wilton with thick, all-wool pile. Nutria, Beige, Turquoise, Rose, Grey, Cinnamon, Green.
  • ROYAL CORDAY — today’s popular ripple texture at its lushest best. Grey, Beige, Nutria, Green, Turquoise.

Mid-century modern carpet styles (1950s)

1955 Lucy and Desi for Bigelow carpet (1)

Lucille Ball quote: “Once in his life, every man is…”

Lucy & Desi Arnaz: This is our new home

“HERE’S OUR NEW DREAM HOME,” say Mr. and Mrs. Arnaz. “It’s nestled in the hills, near Palm Springs, California.”

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The home is entirely new in design, made of native redwood, steel and heat-resistant glass. The “Y” shape layout allows for a separate wing for the children, another for the bedrooms, and a third for living, dining and entertaining area.

1955 Lucy and Desi for Bigelow carpet (3)

“We’re mighty proud of our beautiful Bigelow carpets” – Lucy & Desi Arnaz

Only the best would do for Mr. and Mrs. Arnaz’s dream home, so they have Bigelow carpet throughout.

“Our Bigelow broadloom really makes our home,” smiles Mrs. Arnaz. “It’s so soft and luxurious, I love Bigelow,” she adds. And so will you.

1955 Lucy and Desi for Bigelow carpet (4)

Easy budget terms! Enjoy your Bigelow carpet while you pay for it on your Bigelow retailer’s convenient budget terms. Just a small down payment delivers the carpet to your home.

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