Make an old-fashioned root beer float, aka Black Cow or Boston Cooler

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Old-fashioned root beer float

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Hires and ice cream by any other name would still be delicious (1972)

  • Super Soda.
  • Hires Root Beer Float.
  • Hires and Ice Cream.
  • Black Cow.
  • Boston Cooler.
  • Hires Root Beer Soda.
  • Black and White.

Everyone knows what an irresistible treat Hires and ice cream make, so everyone has a special name for this refreshing, all-time favorite.

Call it what you will, but it calls for the great taste of Hires Root Beer to make the combination even tastier. Hires… honest root beer, made from honest-to-goodness great-tasting ingredients. Enjoy some ice cream before another day goes by!

It’s high time for Hires… the honest root beer.

Black Cow, Boston Cooler Hires Root Beer Floats (1972)

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Cooling off with an old-fashioned root beer float

The Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, California) July 17, 1974

Sacramento today celebrates an anniversary of dubious distinction. The hottest day in the city’s history was recorded on July 17. The year was 1925, before air conditioning. The temperature was 114 degrees. How did the people stand it?

“It’s been so long ago I can’t even remember it,” says Carrie Bettencourt, who observed her 81st birthday last Saturday. “But we had pleasant ways of relief from the heat.

“Corner root beer stands were popular in those days. The frosted glasses were so nice. I probably was like a lot of others who either walked or drove to a stand for a root beer float and then spent most of the evening on the front porch with a hand fan which many merchants gave to their customers in the old days.”

There was no legal way to cool off with a real beer. The repeal of Prohibition was still seven years away.

Old-fashioned root beer float
Photo by bhofack2/Envato

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