Bireley’s & Nesbitt’s orange soft drinks from the 1950s

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Bireley's orange soft drinks (1950s)

Don’t say orange, say Nesbitt’s sparkling soft drink

Everyone — boys, girls, mothers and dads.,. will love Nesbitt’s… will be delighted with this full-flavored sparkling soft drink. It’s so refreshing, so satisfying to the taste and thirst.

Ask for Nesbitt’s by name. Look for this distinctive carton and take home six bottles today.

Nesbitt’s – a soft drink made from real oranges.

Bireley’s orange soft drinks from the 1950s

Our message is in this bottle. Every delicious ounce of it. It’s very simple: Bireley’s fresh fruit flavor drink is not only good going down. It always agrees with you. Bireley’s, you see, is non-carbonated.

Taste our message.

Vintage Bireley's orange drink

Bireley’s fresh fruit flavor drink – Orange

Our message is in this bottle. Every delicious ounce of it. It’s very simple: Bireley’s fresh fruit flavor drink is not only good going down. It agrees with you afterwards. Bireley’s, you see, is non-carbonated … never talks back. Taste our message.

Bireley’s Orange Drink — It’s non-carbonated — A General Foods Product

Vintage bottle of Bireleys soft drink - orange

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Vintage beverage ads from the ’50s

Illustrations by Dennis the Menace creator Hank Ketcham


“…but pigeon, you don’t get that uncomfortable full feeling with Bireley’s because it’s non-carbonated.”

Yes, Bireley’s Orange Drink is right for any size thirst… You and the children can drink all you want and never get that uncomfortable full feeling.

And non-carbonated Bireley’s tastes better. The clean, bright fruit flavor is unspoiled by gas or artificial preservatives. Pure, pasteurized Bireley’s in orange and assorted fruit flavors. Pure fun. Have some!

Tom Thumb 1954 Bireley's orange drink

Grandma knows what small-fry like — and what’s good for them…

1954 Bireley's orange drink

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7 Responses

    1. Hi Lynne, I think my favorite soft drink as a kid was made in the LA area. I’m from Philly, and it was very popular here in the fifties.

    2. I thought it came from Campbellsport, WI. Not sure if it was made there or just distributed from there. We sold it in our tavern when I was a kid.

  1. My Boss has some vintage photos of the Bireley’s plant in Hollywood. His Dad worked for General foods and was the technical manager for their pectin plant. We were wondering if you know of anyone that might be interested in these old photos.

  2. Bireleys had a bottling operation in Atlanta in the 50s. I believe they also had NuGrape there also.

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