Vintage Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down: See some of these classic toy people & playsets from the 70s

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Weebles & their playsets are popular toys (1976)

The Lincoln Star (Nebraska) December 2, 1976

If the movie “Babes in Toyland” were being re-made in 1976, the cast would have to include such creatures as Weebles, Tree Tots and Muppets.

An increasing number of toys in stores this Christmas season feature characters in scenes from make-believe stories. The toys are boxed sets, which, like succeeding chapters in a book, are designed to make children keep wanting more.

Weebles are egg-shaped figures with smiling faces, but no arms or legs. They fit into specially designed seats in trains, cars, trucks, buses and furniture of various sorts.

Once you have your basic Weebles you need an ever-growing series of environments to put them in. There is a Weeble Western town, a Weeble Treasure Island and pirate ship, a Weeble treehouse.

This year, “new, improved Weebles” are introduced: Their features don’t peel, says the label.

The Weeble treehouse consists of a plastic tree, from which hangs a plastic basket “elevator” shaped to fit a Weeble’s bottom, and only a Weeble’s bottom.

Accessories include a Weeble-shaped tricycle, a picnic table, a rocking chair, and two Weeble children — a boy and a girl.

So on cold winter days when the kids start dreaming of the good ol’ summertime, they can get out their Weebles and pretend.

YouTube video

Weebles: Those wobbly wee folk from Hasbro… They wobble but they don’t fall down

Hasbro Weebles

Remember these Etch-A-Sketch and other vintage toys from Ohio Arts? (1970s & 1980s)

5 Weebles playsets from 1973

Playground: Those lovable lil’ Weebles have a playground all their own! There’s a teeter-tooter, carousel, slide, some swings and 4 cute Weebles to play on them!

Marina: Watch those 4 Weebles “set sail” for hours of fun from their very own marina! 2 docks. a boathouse, gas pumps, sail & rowboats and the SS Littleputt itself!

Car & camper: A camping the Weebles do go! Hitch the big camper to the family convertible. Don t forget the camper’s luggage rack for the boat & trailbike! Make sure the picnic set’s there — it’s included.

Airport: 4 lil Weebles off and flying off from their own special airport!

Cottage: It’s a cunning cottage just perfect for the 4 lil Weebles. And, you can flip up the roof. Inside there’s furniture for the family! There’s a garage, car & a pool too!

Vintage Hasbro Weebles playhouse

Vintage Weebles playsets from 1973

Weebles Wigwam toy box

Teepee, Weeble Injun, Travois and pony

Weebles Wigwam toy

See the vintage Magic Slate paper saver toys that almost every kid used to have - with characters like Donald Duck, The Incredible Hulk, Tom & Jerry and more

Classic Weebles play sets: Wigwam or Wagonmaster, Marina, Car & camper, Tree house, Treasure Island, Weebles West (1975)

Classic Weebles toys from 1975 - Wigwam or Wagonmaster, Marina, Car & camper, Tree house, Treasure Island, Weebles West

Weebles treehouse toy

YouTube video

Hasbro Romper Room Weebles: Family, Tree House, Campabout (1975)

Hasbro Romper Room Weebles: Family, Tree House, Campabout

Vintage Weebles playground toy with swings and slide

Vintage Weebles playground

Lite-Brite: The beloved low-tech toy from the '60s, '70s & '80s that let us make glowing pictures with colored pegs

Classic Weebles toys from the '70s

Hasbro Weebles Haunted House (1976)

Brother and Sister Weebles find themselves wobbling through the creaking door of the haunted Victorian mansion. Soon they discover the secret of the library … a bookcase that revolves to reveal a secret hiding place, just big enough for Weebles, plus a mysterious mirror!

There’s a house full of furniture and a trunk full of scary bats! The friendly phantoms include a Weeble Witch (with removable hat) and Weeble Ghost (who glows in the dark). House has molded handle so that it converts to a carrying case.

Hasbro Weebles Haunted House (1976)

YouTube video

What were the most popular toys in the early '80s? See toys, games & fun for kids in the 1981 Sears Catalog Wishbook

Vintage Easter Weebles

Vintage Easter Weebles 1976

Romper Room car & camper and playground for vintage Weebles toys (1970s)

Vintage Weebles ad - our little people would like to play with your little people 1972

Weebles circus toys vintage TV commercial

YouTube video

Weeble airport & harbour vintage playsets (UK)

Weeble Harbour vintage toy 1973

Romper Room Weebles toys from 1973

In the '70s, you could make oceans and mountains with a Wham-O Magic Window toy

A Weeble balloon in the 1975 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade


The star of this year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade will be a giant Weeble Balloon 70 feet up in the air!!! It’ll be great to see a good friend like a Weeble in a famous parade with old friends like Santa Claus and the Thanksgiving Day Turkey. And for those who can’t be at the parade, you can see it on CBS and NBC television.

Huge Weeble balloon float in the 1975 Macy's Day Parade

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