As advertised in the 1950s: “All the family will enjoy pictures of famous American scenes, exotic faraway lands and exciting children’s stories in the amazing depth of three dimensions. View-Master stereo color pictures are so real, you’ll feel you are actually part of the scene! Each low-cost View-Master Reel — for use in View-Master Stereoscopes and Projectors — contains seven stereo Kodakchrome scenes. Over 400 entertaining, educational subjects to delight all the family.”

Chilly Willy & his igloo

As seen through the viewer

Chilly Willy's Igloo-viewmaster reel

Photo from Dana


Top Cat View-Master reel (1962)

“Medal for Meddling”


Photo thanks to Giles Booth


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Disneyland Main Street View-Master reel package



Ice Follies View-Master reel



Bambi: Disney & Sawyer’s View-Master packaging



Walt Disney’s Babes in Toyland



Vintage Viewmaster three-dimension reel list



Herbie, the Love Bug – Disney Viewmaster



Knott’s Berry Farm


Above 5 photos of reel packaging photos from Amy Meredith


1970s Viewmaster viewer

Says the owner, “Old Vintage View-Master 1973/74 received at Christmas, with 3 discs/booklets, Zorro & Bonanza TV series, and Tarzan.”


Thanks to Jamie


Tiny magical worlds

A collection of View-Master discs/reels.


Thanks to longhairbroad


ViewMaster model C

From the owner: “View-Master Model C, pictured here, was produced between 1946 and 1955. It was made from bakelite and was the first viewer to have a slot into which the reels were placed for viewing. This particular model (3798) dates from approximately 1950, which makes sense, since my parents would have bought it for me when I was at about 3-4 years old. Believe it or not, all reels made for any view master will work in any model from 1939 to present.”


(Article continues below)

Photo from Jack W. Pearce


Bugs Bunny & Yosemite Sam View-Master reel (1989)



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