Not just more hair, guys – cleaner hair, blown dry (1971)

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Fastest way for a guy to look great.

Congratulations, You have more hair today than a year ago. You like it. She likes it. But you’re finding you you have to wash it more and dry it right — or the whole look falls flat.

Because the secret of today’s hair isn’t just more hair. It’s cleaner hair, blown dry — to give it bulk and body it out.

The latest shape up we know is the Air Brush, Clairol’s new styling dryer. It’s faster because it generates more air and more heat. (It’s got more watts. 500, if you’re counting. Check it out against the competition.)

It’s light but tough. And besides two speeds, you get dual voltage. After all, a guy deserves to look great anywhere in the world.

Styling combs are line. But they’re not really meant to handle a headful of wet hair. The new Clairol Air Brush is. Your hair never had 1t so good. Or so fast.

Clairol Air Brush: Man’s fastest hair dryer


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