New accessories from old plaids

Especially in a season when everyone is tartan-conscious, plaids left over from your last Highland fling become gay costume extras. A moth-eaten bathrobe and skirt, an outgrown blouse, knee-worn slacks were converted into sparkling new accessories.

Hat, cuffs, scarf, bow ties from worn bathrobe

The perky pillbox (see diagram above) was lined with buckram and a 1″ grosgrain band was stitched around the inside edge for better fit and finish. Our diagram is designed for a 22″ head size, but, during basting hat can be made larger or smaller to fit individual sizes.

Matching bias cuffs were made and sewed on a pair of dark shortie gloves. The turned-back cuffs were cut 5″ wide and as long as the edge of the glove cuff, plus 5/8″ seam allowances.

We also managed a plaid scarf, 16″ square, with a 14″ diagonal slash from one corner to just beyond the center (see diagram at left). Scarf edges were turned under and double-stitched, and the slash edges hand-rolled for a fine professional finish.

For a final fillip, matching bow ties (see diagram) were made for a husband-and-wife team. The diagram was designed for a 15-1/2″ neck, but it can be altered at the fold to the desired length. Be sure to use a fine worsted plaid for these ties, as heavier wools would be too thick and bulky.

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