Retro yellow kitchens from yesteryear

Vintage yellow kitchen decor

Pink is dead: Style trend in housewares features yellow (1956)

Better repaint your pink pots and change; your turquoise towels, ma’am: The stylish new housewares are all yellow.

A unanimous trend toward yellow, for everything from rolling pins to garbage cans, was shown at the furniture market in Chicago and confirmed by the International Housewares Show in New York.

Yellow has even nudged out red, the number one housewares’ color for years.

Plastic housewares expert Irving Levine of Forth Worth, Texas, summed it up this way at the New York show: “Yellow is going to new heights, red is going down, and pink is dead. The pink-and-charcoal combination is very dead.”

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Levine also said copper finishes are “laying an egg” this year, at least in plastic items.

Pink and charcoal disappear

Displays the Housewares Show backed up his opinion. Not a single booth showed any pink-and-charcoal, and most put turquoise where pink used to be.

As for copper, it was overshadowed by plain familiar chrome. Brass wasn’t as obvious as it used to be, either.

The move toward yellow in small kitchen items, including the trim on clothes-driers and the handles of brooms, matched the new yellow kitchen schemes shown in Chicago by all the big appliance makers.

The Housewares Show also displayed at least one other new style trend, and a variety of new gadgets. The style note was for black on the table — especially in serving dishes, plastic salad sets, and accessories such as pepper mills, pottery and figurines.


Yellow kitchen decor with black and white check floor (1959)


Yellow kitchen with red countertops and flooring (1950)


Yellow kitchen with aqua walls and turquoise green countertops (1950)


A basic all yellow kitchen with white sink and appliances (1940)


A simple yellow steel kitchen and appliances with stainless steel countertops and pink accents (1957)


A butter yellow kitchen and matching appliances 1956)


A rustic yellow kitchen with red countertops and pine windows and ceiling (1951)


A small yellow kitchen with green and blue accent walls and accessories (1957)


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