See the old VTech PreComputer 1000 from the 1980s
See the old VTech PreComputer 1000 from the 1980s

The old VTech PreComputer 1000 from the 80s was a small 3-in-1 computer ‘teacher’ that helped kids learn touch typing and basic computer programming – plus had a 3500-word dictionary, and knew more than 1000 facts

Vintage pinball game
40+ vintage pinball machines from the 1940s

A whole new era of vintage pinball machines was ushered in by the Humpty Dumpty pinball machine released in 1947 – and then dozens more of the games hit the market. Take a look back!

The history of golf balls
Fore! The history of golf balls

What’s the history of golf balls? The first ones were made of leather of untanned bull’s hide – but golf balls have changed a lot over the years. Here’s a look!

What is Pickleball? (1976) - Paddles and ball
What is Pickleball? (1976)

What is Pickleball? Is it… (a) an hors d’ouevre on the sour side; (b) a Christmas tree ornament; (c) a delicatessen decoration; (d) none of the above. If you chose (d) give yourself a prize.

Vintage video games from the 70s Pong, Space Invaders, Asteroids more
1970s video games & gaming consoles

When video games first hit the market in the ’70s, manufacturers couldn’t keep up with demand for the new technological novelties. Here’s a look back!