She’ll love these Pyrex gifts the the kitchen! Wouldn’t any woman? (1950)

Vintage Pyrex ad - Cook look and love it - 1950 (2)
Pyrex gifts: Cook, look and love it!

The Pyrex double boiler lets you SEE what’s cooking!

Watch the water level, see your frostings, sauces and custards thicken to perfection. The glass can‘t change the taste or color of any food. So sturdy — 2-1/2 times as strong as ordinary glass! Use the bottom and top separately as covered saucepans. PYREX DOUBLE BOILER $3.45

You’ll use these Pyrex bowls a dozen ways!

You’ll love them for mixing-they’re smooth, steady, easy to hold. You’ll love them for baking, for serving salads, for storing leftovers. And you’ll love them for their wonderful looks, their cheery colors, their fine design. The four bowls nest. PYREX COLOR BOWL SET $2.95

A wonder for baking, a joy to keep clean!

You’ll see your cakes bake to an even golden-brown. And sparkling PYREX Cake Dishes keep their brightness year after year. PYREX Ware is easy to wash clean. You can see the slightest speck, and whisk it right away. Get two for layer cakes. PYREX ROUND CAKE DISH 59c cents

Vintage Pyrex ad - Cook look and love it - 1950 (1)

Pyrex gifts: Nobody needs these more than a bride!

Brides will love these Pyrex gifts! (Wouldn’t any woman?)

A measure that’s pleasure a dozen ways!

Measuring’s easy with a Pyrex Measure-the red markings are so easy to read! Use the 1-quart measure for mixing frozen orange juice, for making and pouring pancake batter, and as a bowl with an electric beater.

Entertaining is fun with these new dishes!

They’re modern, bright, and a marvelous idea! She’ll use them for oven-baking, for serving salads, soups, dessert. Set includes large open bowl (2-1/2-qt. size) and four 12-oz individual dishes in red or yellow. PYREX OVENWARE HOSTESS SET, Gift-Boxed $2.95

Let her make the coffee perfect every time!

Coffee can’t be a hit-or-miss matter with a Pyrex Percolator. She can see when it’s perked to perfection. She’ll use it, too, for cocoa, for serving iced beverages. And it’s sturdy — 2-1/2 times as strong as ordinary glass.

Vintage Pyrex kitchenware for a bride - ad from 1950 (1)

Cooking was never such fun before —

SUCH FUN to watch things come out right! (Pyrex saucepan)

SUCH FUN to use these new Pyrex beauties (Pyrex Hostess Set)

SUCH FUN to save dishwashing time! (Pyrex pie plate – “Flavor Saver”)

Vintage Corning Pyrex dishware and cooking dishes

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