Vintage Pyrex from the ’50s: Color bakingware, glass Pyrexware, dinnerware, flameware & more

Pyrex - For the modern way to cook - 1955 kitchen

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Give the truly modern cookingware you’d love to get (1952)

This is the year to brighten the kitchen of every woman on your gift list with cookingware that’s really smart, truly modern. Never before so many new and exciting PYREX Ware gifts to choose from! Select a matched set of new PYREX tempered Flameware for someone very special! Beautifully, practically designed for top-of-stove cooking, it’s tempered to make it extra-strong and durable!

Delight any woman with new tempered PYREX Bakingware in Color . . . ovenware as lovely as table china! …So perfect for cooking, so beautiful for serving, so easy to wash clean. It stays new-looking always!

1952 Pyrex for the kitchen

1952 Pyrex kitchenware for Christmas

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See the beautiful new dinnerware…

Amazingly Strong And Durable… Never Loses Its Brand-New Look!

WONDERFUL NEW PYREX Dinnerware combines extraordinary strength and durability with high style and delicate beauty! This new kind of ware is so lovely you’ll be proud to use it for entertaining — so sturdy you can use it for three-meals-a-day family service!

New PYREX Dinnerware can take hard knocks and high oven heat. There is no surface glaze to crack, craze or chip. The sparkling appearance of this sturdy ware goes all the way through — can’t wear off!

Colorful borders, in Flamingo, Lime, Turquoise or Dove Gray, give a festive look… Also available with these color borders banded in 22-carat gold. The 16-piece service for 4 includes four dinner plates, four salad plates, four cups and saucers.

1953 Pyrex dinnerware

Pyrex gift fair (1954)

16-piece PYREX Dinnerware Sets are beautiful enough for entertaining, yet durable enough for everyday family use.

Available with smart Lime, Flamingo, Turquoise, Dove Gray, Regency Green or Royal Burgundy borders banded in 22-carat gold for only $9.95. (Starter sets in first four colors, without gold bands, only $6.95.)

Matching open-stock pieces include bread-and-butter plates, soup-or-cereal bowls, fruit-or-sauce dishes, chop plates, vegetable dishes, sugar and creamer sets.

1954 Pyrex dinnerware

1954 Pyrex kitchen gifts

For the modern way to cook, serve or store (1955)

TO ADD a fresh, new note to any kitchen — young or old — get gay, colorful PYREX Ware!

Smart, practical PYREX Ware is right at home in the most modern surroundings. It’s bright and cheerful — wonderfully strong — a joy to cook and serve with — and so easy to wash clean.

Right now, your nearby PYREX Ware dealer is featuring a brilliant “Glamorama” of PYREX Ware for every cooking and serving need… bowls and boilers, plates and percolators, casseroles and custard cups . . . all designed to save you time, work and money. 

So check the items you want on these two pages — either for yourself or as welcome gifts for others — then see the full line of smart, modern PYREX Ware at your favorite store! … The star of the cooking world. Look for it on TV, in magazines and everywhere. See what’s cooking! From Corning GlassWare – Corning NY- Corningware.

Pyrex - For the modern way to cook - 1955 kitchen

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Come to the big kitchen Glamorama

1955 Pyrex kitchen Glamorama

Solve your gift problems right here with beautiful, durable Pyrex Ware (1955)

1955 Pyrex kitchenware

1955 Pyrex dishes and more

Famous Pyrex flavor-Saver Pie Plates (1956)

1956 Pyrex pie plates

Shower the bride with Pyrex Ware! (1952)

Of all the welcome gifts fora bride-to-be’s home, a complete outfit of good-looking, smooth-cooking PYREX Ware is welcomest of all! For PYREX Ware does more all told than other ware can do to help her cooking turn out right — quickly … evenly, deliciously … beautifully browned! … saves time … cuts down on dishwashing chores — she’ll cook, serve and store in the same utensil! PYREX Colorware, in cheery colors and modern design, is at home on her table with her choicest china or silver! And so easy to wash clean!

So get together with the bride’s friends and furnish her cupboard…Look for the trade-mark “PYREX” stamped in the glass … it means that you’re buying the strong., longest-lasting glass cooking ware made! Both PYREX Flameware and Colorware are specially heat-treated to make them extra-strong — sturdy for it long, long life!

June 1952 - Pyrex kitchen for bridal shower

Pyrexware gifts for the bride from 1956

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Coffee perked in Pyrex tastes better!

There’s no guesswork when you brew coffee in a Pyrex Percolator. You watch it perk till the color tells you the strength is just right! Your coffee tastes deliciously fresh every time! Pyrex Ware carries no trace of stale flavor or odor from one brew to the next. You’ll love to use your Pyrex Percolator. You’ll be proud of its looks … its modern design! The handle is well-balanced … the grip fits your hand. And no other coffeemaker is so easy to wash clean! 

1952 Pyrex coffee maker

1952 Pyrex coffee percolator

1952 Pyrex dishes

Pyrex gifts: Cook, look and love it! (1950)

The Pyrex double boiler lets you SEE what’s cooking!

Watch the water level, see your frostings, sauces and custards thicken to perfection. The glass can’t change the taste or color of any food. So sturdy — 2-1/2 times as strong as ordinary glass! Use the bottom and top separately as covered saucepans. PYREX DOUBLE BOILER $3.45

You’ll use these Pyrex bowls a dozen ways!

You’ll love them for mixing-they’re smooth, steady, easy to hold. You’ll love them for baking, for serving salads, for storing leftovers. And you’ll love them for their wonderful looks, their cheery colors, their fine design. The four bowls nest. PYREX COLOR BOWL SET $2.95

A wonder for baking, a joy to keep clean!

You’ll see your cakes bake to an even golden-brown. And sparkling PYREX Cake Dishes keep their brightness year after year. PYREX Ware is easy to wash clean. You can see the slightest speck, and whisk it right away. Get two for layer cakes. PYREX ROUND CAKE DISH 59 cents

Two ways to make savory souffle salads with Jello! (1953)

Vintage Pyrex ad - Cook look and love it - 1950 (1)

Pyrex gifts: Nobody needs these more than a bride (1950)!

Brides will love these Pyrex gifts! (Wouldn’t any woman?)

A measure that’s pleasure a dozen ways!

Measuring’s easy with a Pyrex Measure-the red markings are so easy to read! Use the 1-quart measure for mixing frozen orange juice, for making and pouring pancake batter, and as a bowl with an electric beater.

Entertaining is fun with these new dishes!

They’re modern, bright, and a marvelous idea! She’ll use them for oven-baking, for serving salads, soups, dessert. Set includes large open bowl (2-1/2-qt. size) and four 12-oz individual dishes in red or yellow. PYREX OVENWARE HOSTESS SET, Gift-Boxed $2.95

Let her make the coffee perfect every time!

Coffee can’t be a hit-or-miss matter with a Pyrex Percolator. She can see when it’s perked to perfection. She’ll use it, too, for cocoa, for serving iced beverages. And it’s sturdy — 2-1/2 times as strong as ordinary glass.

Vintage Pyrex kitchenware for a bride - ad from 1950 (1)

Cooking was never such fun before (1950)

SUCH FUN to watch things come out right! (Pyrex saucepan)

SUCH FUN to use these new Pyrex beauties (Pyrex Hostess Set)

SUCH FUN to save dishwashing time! (Pyrex pie plate – “Flavor Saver”)

Vintage Corning Pyrex dishware and cooking dishes

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