Vintage FAO Schwarz toy catalogs: Favorite fun stuff for ’60s kids

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Vintage FAO Schwarz toy catalog Favorite fun stuff for 60s kids

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Billed as “the world’s greatest toy catalog,” vintage FAO Schwarz toy catalogs like this definitely gave the Sears catalog & Wishbook a run for its money! Here’s a peek at what children of all ages loved to play with back in the sixties.

Vintage FAO Schwarz toy catalog cover (1968/1969)

Vintage FAO Schwarz toy catalog cover from 1968-1969

Vintage FAO Schwarz catalog: Transportation toys (1967)

Safety tool truck – Bath tub fleet – Big freight train – Animal train – Bear train – Aircraft carrier – Ferry boat – Bell train

Vintage FAO Schwarz toys 1967

Retro animal toys & plushies (1967)

A RECLINING LION: A regal mohair plus animal, with his natural coloring, realistic markings, flowing mane and voice. An outstanding example of Steiff craftsmanship, he reclines, in elegant disdain, a true King of Beasts, but a well-behaved pet.

RECLINING BENGAL TIGER: The alertness and cunning of this magnificent jungle prowler are captured by Steiff in this benignly “fierce” companion. The colorful mohair plush coat with authentic markings give him a most realistic appearance, enhanced by his deep-throated voice.

SQUIRREL: Tame and friendly, this begging grey squirrel in soft plush, has long bushy tail and looks very natural.

TABBY CAT: A playful companion, covered in grey and white plush, authentically striped. With neck ribbon and bell.

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CHIMPANZEE: These fine mohair plush reproduction, of the star entertainers of any ZOO are so realistic that they seem likely to start their hilarious antics at any moment. All have jointed arms and legs and squeeze voices.

PONY: A handsome 8-1/2″ steed covered in tan and white mohair plush with flowing white mane and tail. Pony/horse toy comes complete with bridle, saddle and saddle blanket.

WHITE ELEPHANT: Exclusive! This happy fellow’s soft body is covered with fine Dralon plush, touched up here and there with splashes of color. Over 12″ long from trunk to tail and 8″ high. Completely washable.

PERSIAN CAT: Beautiful long-haired Persian cat. sitting 13-1/2″ high. Her long coat is of fine white Dralon plush and her head turns as she poses in her most aristocratic manner.

RED FOX (EXCLUSIVE) This life-size fox 23″ tall to the tips of his ears has a bushy, long 16″ tail. In realistically colored rust and white plush, with authentic markings, red tongue, and white teeth. 

MUNGO: Most entertaining fellow, these fine plush monkeys with long, striped, blue-topped tail and a pixie face. AN ACROBATS DELIGHT.

WALRUS PAJAMA PAL:  This lazy walrus by Steiff flops contentedly on any bed. His zippered body keeps pajamas or nighties safely hidden from sight. 29″ from tusk to tail, his soft body is of true-to-life brown and tan plush with realistic markings, bushy cheeks and big playful eyes.

Vintage FAO Schwarz toy catalog - Animal toys 1967

Dollhouses and dolls in a vintage FAO Schwarz toy catalog (1966-1967)

PEASANT DOLL HOUSE: Completely assembled and finished. A very sweet and cozy chalet-type house, made wood with rustic roof, front balcony and six windows with shutters and colorful flowering window boxes. Terrace with bench. Living room, kitchen and bedroom finished with 25 pieces of decorated peasant-style furniture. Open back. 

COUNTRY MOUSE HOUSE: A cozy little wood-framed dollhouse! Mrs. Country Mouse cleans house with duster, carpet sweeper and mop. Includes burlap rug, wall mirror, pail, three metal skillets, table with bench, table setting for two, ladder, bunk bed with mattress.

CITY MOUSE HOUSE: City Mouse wears a satin dress and hat and rhinestone necklace. 13″ x 7″ x apartment includes two chairs, an ornate twin-seater, pie crust table, four poster bed, canopy and spread, gilded frame mirror, velvet vanity, rug, mirrored candelabra, metal-framed picture.

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Vintage FAO Schwarz toy catalog - Dollhouses from 1966-1967

Vintage Matchbox cars (1966-1967)

Matchbox service station set – Car transporter set – Fire station set – Commercial truck set – Vacation set – King-size – Racetrack – Collector’s case

Vintage FAO Schwarz toy catalog - Matchbox cars 1966-1967

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Vintage FAO Schwarz toy dolls and accessories (1967)

PUSSY CAT DOLL TROUSSEAU: Appealing little Pussy Cat Doll, 14″ tall. as described on page 38, packed in a lovely wicker hamper, 19″ x 11″ x 10″, with lift•out tray. She wears a lace-trimmed organdy dress and bonnet over matching petticoat.

Her trousseau includes a cotton play dress, a Sunday dotted Swiss dress, cotton romper, flannel sleeper and extra diaper. For the outdoors, she has a warm corduroy coat and bonnet and a bunting with bonnet. Included are brush, comb, rattle and towel set.

NANCY TAKES A TRIP: Nancy loves to go along on trips and she’s always packed and ready to go. This cute 11-1/2″ charmer of soft vinyl with sleeping eyes and rooted hair, comes in a smart zippered 12″ travel case with handle, chock full of clothes for all occasions.

Eight changes in all, including a red coat and hat, nylon party dress, pink school dress, red print jumper, nightie, robe and slack set. A comb and brush keep her hair neat.

ELISE ON TOUR: Elise is 17″ tall. She comes packed in a 20″ metal trunk with a variety of clothes. Besides the full-length evening gown of lace-trimmed chiffon which she is wearing, she has a cocktail dress of blue taffeta, blue coat and beret for travel, tulle ballerina outfit with slippers, silk lounging pajamas, cotton dress with panties, and a dainty lace-trimmed silk nightie. Accessories include necklace, evening bag, handle bag, shoes, stockings and a vanity set.

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SEWING BASKET: Young dressmakers have the fun and satisfaction of making five complete outfits for the 8″ Wendy Doll included. Each outfit is cut and ready to be sewn. Trim and instructions included. Wicker basket with handle contains thimble, thread, scissors, needle book and pin cushion. Doll has eyes that open and close, wig and moving arms and legs.

CAT FAMILY: Adorable feline family of three in soft plush by Steiff, all cozy on a soft pillow in their 16″ wicker basket. Mother, 6″ high, stands watch over her 2 cute kittens, each with bell and ribbon collar. 3 miniature rubber balls and feeding dish complete the set.

PLAYFUL PALS: Three most unusual pets. Made of the finest and most colorful plush, each presents an attractive, but out of the ordinary, appearance. They make excellent companions and colorful accessories

NANETTE BEAR: 11″ high. Of rose plush with demure face and blonde hair. 

CHEERFUL CAT: Most “cheerful” of all cats. this one is happy and contented no matter how hectic things are. Of soft silky long plush in a cool blue shade. Pink daisy on neck. 

BEARKIN TROUSSEAU: This fully-jointed plush Bearkin is colorfully dressed in a Tyrolean outfit and hat and can quickly don a clown suit, glasses, overalls, shirt, coat, pajamas. robe and ballet outfit. 12″ carry-case also includes toy auto, roller skates and ball.

ROCK-A-BYE DOLL AND CARRIAGE: A neat little 18″ folding baby carriage. Covered with blue vinyl, the carriage has an all-metal frame, tubular pusher, and white rubber tires. Hood folds to dolly can take the sun, too.

Doll is soft vinyl, 12″ tall, wrapped in cuddly bunting. Her eyes close when she lies down to nap in her carriage, which is also equipped with a rain shield.

Vintage FAO Schwarz toy dolls and accessories 1967

Vintage Corgi toy models at FAO Schwarz

Superb miniature die-cast scale models unsurpassed in detail, realism and quality.

Vintage FAO Schwarz toys 1967 - Corgi toy models

Order by mail from FAO Schwarz – World’s greatest toy store! (1967)

Send for the world’s greatest toy catalog – free

Look through this catalog and you will quickly see why FAO Schwarz is called “the world’s greatest toy store.” There are 156 pages of toys, a complete children’s book catalog, children’s fashions, educational toys, junior sporting equipment, adult games and other gifts precisely illustrated and described.

Browse through pages of dolls, games, mechanical marvels, instructive playthings, even charming little stocking fillers…

  1. Original teddy
  2. Doll house
  3. Microscope set
  4. Drink-N-Wet doll
  5. Queen’s Guard
  6. Rocket dart game
  7. Duck pond top
  8. Countess sewing machine
  9. Rock-n-Ride Pony
  10. Bounce Pool


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