Kittens in silly storybook poses (1914-15)

The book “Little Folks of Animal Land” by Harry Whittier Frees was released in 1915, and featured mostly kittens and puppies in various human scenarios — cleaning, getting married, eating dinner, etc. Take a look!
Little Folks of Animal Land

A note from the author

The series of animal pictures reproduced on the following pages have all been photographed from living animals. The difficulties encountered in posing kittens and puppies for pictures of this kind have been overcome only by the exercise of great patience and invariable kindness. My little models receive no especial training, and after their daily performance before the camera, they enjoy nothing better than a frolic around the studio.

My work in the posing of animals has been so highly successful as to give ruse to a doubt in some minds that the pictures are genuine. For this reason, I take occasion to give my personal assurance that all pictures appearing in this book are photographed from life.

I sincerely hope that others will derive as much pleasure from the antics of these “Little Folks of Animal Land” as I experienced in picturing and telling about them.

– Harry Whittier Frees

“A frolic on the Bufkins’ lawn”

silly-vintage-cats-c1914 (6)


“Lily Bufkins becomes Mrs Stripes”

silly-vintage-cats-c1914 (2)


Cats & a cannon

silly-vintage-cats-c1914 (5)


“The guests admired the presents”

silly-vintage-cats-c1914 (7)


“The Bufkin Twins were swinging”

silly-vintage-cats-c1914 (8)


How 146 people died needlessly in the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire (1911)

Bowling cat

silly-vintage-cats-c1914 (1)


“The seamstresses would like to play”

silly-vintage-cats-c1914 (3)


“Mrs Bufkins had a busy day”

silly-vintage-cats-c1914 (4)


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