Wonder horse! See vintage ride-on spring horse toys from the 1960s

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1966 Wonder Horse toys

Wonder-Horse ride-on spring toys: Get a horse.

Get a Wonder Horse, and you’ve made your cowboy’s happiest dreams come true…

No batteries needed. Wonder Horses run for hours on the every supplied by a few cookies! Youngsters stay quietly — and safely — amused for hours.

Safe as Daddy’s knee. A child who can sit up alone is perfectly safe in this Wonder “Shoo Fly Deluxe” rocker, equipped with safety strap and adjustable seatbelt. Polystyrene body is washable, won’t chip.

Easy to assemble. You can put any Wonder Horse together in a matter of minutes — and it will probably outlast the family car!

1966 Wonder Horse toys

Wonder Horse toys Dec 16, 1966

Wonder struck Ride-on toys

If you found yourself at the end of last January with nothing left of Christmas toys but the unpaid bills, then listen to our story…

Wonder Horse makes the world’s most popular toy horses. All 17 models (you see five of them [here]) promise instant joy on Christmas morning — and lasting year-round enjoyment.

In fact, every Horse carries as part of its equipage a guarantee which helps parents keep their Christmas promises to their children.

But make sure it’s a real Wonder Horse! There are a herd of imitators, but only one genuine Wonder Horse line.

Wonder Horse – Wonder Products Co, Collierville, Tennessee

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Wonder horse! Ride-on spring horse toys (1960s)

The Wonder Horse history (1956)

Published in the Clarion-Ledger (Jackson, Mississippi) January 29, 1956

Made In Southland, Toy Has Become Nation’s Leader

A toy invented and manufactured in the Mid-South has, in a few short years, become the nation’s leader in the hobby horse field.

The patented spring-suspended Wonder Horse was invented by William Baltz, a farmer of Pocahontas, Arkansas, who got the idea from giving his children rides on his leg “horsey style.”

The original toy is now manufactured by Wonder Products Company, Collierville, Tennessee, in a complete line designed for age groups 1 to 7, and offering a model for every price range.

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The Wonder Horse is manufactured in four models. The Deluxe with either metal or wood base sells for $29.95. The newest member of The Wonder Horse family is The Wonder Mare, priced at $19.95. The Wonder Pony, designed especially for children 1 to 3 years of age is $10.95, and the all-time favorite, The Wonder Horse Regular is $14.95.

The first three are handsome golden palominos, constructed of durable plastic. The Wonder Horse Regular 1s made of bright red wood. All are distinguished by patented Magic-Spring Action.

The Wonder Horse is a nationally advertised product bearing the Parents’ Seal of Commendation and is Education Approved. It has been demonstrated on nationwide television programs many times and featured in numerous national magazines.

Wonder Products Company is headed by E J. Koller, a Memphis businessman, who came out of retirement in 1949 to take over the reins of the company, and developed it into a nationally-known organization.

Shoo-Fly Deluxe rocking horse

Wonder horses! Ride-on spring horse toys (1960s)


Wonder Cheyenne play horse

Wonder horse! Ride-on spring horse toys (1960s)


RIDE ON! See a modern-day version, the Radio Flyer Chestnut Plush Interactive Riding Horse

Wonder Coaster toddler ride-on toy with wheels

Wonder horsse! Ride-on spring horse toys (1960s)


Wonder Pony ride-on toy

Wonder horse! Ride-on spring horse toys (1960s)


Mustang Horse

Wonder horses! Ride-on spring horse toys (1960s)

Wonder Horse Deluxe (1954)

He can ride to Banbury Cross — or to meet the Sandman, on this faithful reproduction of a golden Palomino.

Wonder Horse DeLuxe is molded of tough plastic. Sturdy springs give realistic gaited action. Commended by Parents’ Magazine and is Toy Guidance Council “Educator — Approved.” For children 1 to 7 years. $29.95.


1954 Toy ride-on Wonder Horse

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16 Responses

  1. i have a black wonder hores, off white mane & tail, silver hooves, light royal blue saddle, has WH brand on one hip. it is a carousel horse, not a rocking horse. the head tail & legs are not tucked up against its body (there is space between). the only holes in it are in the top of the saddle & directly below in the belly. I’ve never seen another one like it. You have any idea of its age or potential value? there is only the horse, no pole or mechanical attachments.

  2. Hello,
    First, I am Dutch, so my english is not very good, excuse me for that..

    I just have bought the “mustang wonder horse”, but I just noticed that I have only the horse with the wooden sticks throug the legs and knees, and the iron footsteps?

    Can I buy the rest anywere? I hope somewere in the Netherlands?

    Friendly greetings,


  3. I have a Red Coat Wonder Horse Deluxe, In very good condition, What is it worth?? Can’t find it anywhere,

    Thanks Donn

  4. Hello,
    I had a Wonder Horse that I bought over 19/20 years ago and I am wondering what it would be worth. Since we have recently moved and it is missing. The Moving Company is responsible to replace or pay at cost value and since I havent seen one like it I was hoping you could help with a Value.
    Information; Gabby Gallop 1991 Wonder Products, Inc. Bossier City, LA. Made in the USA. Sound effects, Holsters for feet, Strap for bite, in excellent cond.
    The frame measurments are 27.5 long x 23 wide. Measurments are from where the springs would connect to hang the horse. The only reason I have those measurements is because, that is all I have left form my Rocking Horse.
    I do have pictures of it. Thank goodness our youngest ask me to do.

  5. I have s wonder horse that I had as a child I am now 63 years old. I am guessing my parents got it when I was two or three years old . I has black sleigh like runners with springs . It is all wooden and has s wooden seat with s plastic safety strap I wonder how much this horse might be worth now. It has its original paint on both sides.

  6. Where can one get information about Westpoint Glow Charge rocking horse. Would like history of year it was made I have acquire one in very excellent condition

  7. I’m looking for the Frame and parts for a Battle Cat Spring Ride on made by Wonder, is there somewhere I can find those type of parts

  8. I have a The Wonder Mare, model 4, DES 167464. where can I find more information on this model It was a present to a nephew for Christmas from an uncle of his don’t know what year. just interested.

  9. I have a wonder horse Cheynne that is missing one plastic handle for the grip. Is there any where I could find replacement parts?

  10. Hello. I have a red wonder horse. The horse is faded but otherwise it is in good shape. I am 59 and I figure it is about 57 years old now. It has all the original parts and bounces and rocks like new.
    I didn’t know if anyone collects them now and how much it is worth.

  11. I have a wonder horse the body is orange /red the frame is a turquoise it has metal strups it’s in great shape what would it be worth and don’t know the year

  12. I have a wonder horse from 1984 which my children used now my grandson would like to use it. We have all the parts and have put it together except for the double hook for the spring to the frame. How does that part get put together? After 35 years I just don’t remember.

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