The best vintage cracker brands & flavors that ruled the snack world in the 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s

Best vintage cracker brands and flavors at ClickAmericana com

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When it comes to snacking, few things are as timeless and universally loved as crispy, crunchy crackers. Over the decades, vintage cracker brands like Ritz, Wheat Thins and Cheez-Its have woven their way into the fabric of American snacking culture.

These brands, among others, have not only survived but thrived through decades, adapting and appealing to generations of snack lovers with their irresistible crunch and variety of flavors — like chicken, celery, ham, cheese, popcorn and sesame.

Vintage crackers from 1960

Below, we’ve gathered vintage advertisements for an assortment of cracker brands (many that have since been discontinued) that capture the fun and flavor of the snacks from the 1950s through the 1980s. (Want to see more like this? Check out our roundups of old-school packaged cookies, classic potato chip brands, and vintage cereals.)

These ads not only showcase the art and style of the times, but offer a peek into the ways these tasty snacks were enjoyed by past generations.

1950s vintage cracker brands

The original Educator Crax (1950)

This is the most imitated cracker in America. Why has no one ever equalled it?

1) In dainty texture and deliciously different flavor. 2) In its exclusive three-way package protection.

Megowen-Educator Food Company [Once the makers of Girl Scout cookies]

Crax The most imitated cracker in America (1950)

Nabisco Christmas party crackers (1956)

Whether Ritz crackers, Wheat thins, Corn Thins, Triangle Thins, or Triscuits… “Nabisco makes the tastiest snacks!”

1956 Christmas party crackers at ClickAmericana com

Vintage Salt-Tang snack crackers (1959)

The shape is slim! Slender! … like tiny little salted sticks… The taste is tangy! Just enough of a nip to light up cooling drinks, soups… every “go with” food.

Vintage Salt-Tang snack crackers (1959) at ClickAmericana com

Triangle Thins retro crackers (1951)

Triangle Thins vintage crackers (1951) at ClickAmericana com

Premium Saltines crackers (1951)

Premium Saltines crackers (1951) at ClickAmericana com

Nabisco cracker varieties (1959)

Triangle thins, Vegetable thins, and Wheat thins crackers plus Salt-Tang snack sticks.

Nabisco cracker varieties (1959) at ClickAmericana com

50s Wheat Thins crackers with NBC (Nabisco) stamp

1950s Wheat Thins crackers at ClickAmericana com

Rye Thins crackers by Nabisco (1956)

Rye Thins crackers - Nabisco - 1956 at ClickAmericana com

1950s Nabisco party crackers and snacks

Veri-Thin pretzels, Bleu cheese crackers, Cheddar cheese crackers, Cheese Ritz, Veri-Thin pretzel thins featured below.

1950s crackers and snacks at ClickAmericana com

1960s vintage cracker brands

Nabisco Christmas cracker wreath idea from 1968, using a variety of crackers: Sociables, Triscuit, Bacon Thins, Wheat Thins, Chicken in a Biskit & Ritz

Christmas cracker wreath idea from 1968 (1) at ClickAmericana com

Christmas cracker wreath idea from 1968 (2) at ClickAmericana com

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Sesame Thins crackers by Nabisco – 1960

Sesame Thins crackers - Nabisco - 1960 at ClickAmericana com

Retro Nabisco crackers for summer picnics (1960)

Featuring Triscuit wafers, Triangle thins, Vegetable thins, Cheese Tid-Bits, Chippers potato crackers, Salt-Tang, Veri-Thin pretzel thins, Veri-Thin pretzels, Bacon-flavored thin crackers, and Wheat Thins.

Nabisco crackers from 1960 (1) at ClickAmericana com

Nabisco crackers from 1960 (2) at ClickAmericana com

Vintage 60s Celery Thins crackers (1961)

Vintage 60s Celery Thins crackers (1961) at ClickAmericana com

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Nabisco vintage cracker brands (1963)

Sociables, Triscuits, Chippers, and Swiss ‘n Ham flavored crackers are shown below.

Nabisco vintage cracker brands (1963) at ClickAmericana com

Retro Sunshine brand snack crackers with Cheez-Its (1964)

1960s Sunshine brand snacks shown include Tomato & Onion crackers, Sesame Cheese Snack Crackers, Cheez-Its, Extra Thin Pretzels, Barbecue Snack Wafers & Hi Ho

Retro Sunshine brand snack crackers with Cheez-Its (1964) at ClickAmericana com

Chippers potato crackers (1965)

Chippers potato crackers (1965) at ClickAmericana com

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Vintage Pik Chicks snack crackers (1966)

Vintage Pik Chicks snack crackers (1966) at ClickAmericana com

Sip’N Chips cheese snacks (1966)

Sip’n Chips were made to go beautifully with beverages… Thin. Light. Mellow cheese flavor in each and every one. The better to eat by the handful. They come in four amusing shapes. Designed to fit the curve of your hand. Lightweight power to hold up to 10 times tehir weight in dips. No crumbling like old-time chips.

Sip N Chips snack cheese crackers (1966) at ClickAmericana com

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By cracky! Vintage Goldfish Dippers crackers (1966)

Pepperidge Farms designs a cracker specially for dips! Goldfish Dippers

Why are Pepperidge Farm’s new “Goldfish” Dippers shaped like fish? So you can grab one by the tail and scoop up oodles of your favorite dip. They’re crisp and crunchy, but without being brittle about it.

Pepperidge Farm offers you your choice of three intriguing flavors: cheddar cheese, or tomato-and-cheese, or lightly salted. Once you try new “Goldfish” Dippers you’ll never dip a chip again! “Perretidge Farm” and “Goldfish” are registered trademarks.

Vintage Goldfish Dippers crackers (1966) at ClickAmericana com

Everybody’s picking the Daisy’s crackers! Suddenly, snacks are in great shape (1966)

In 1621: A Wampanoag Indian brought a snack to the first Thanksgiving Day dinnerpopcorn!

In 1966: General Mills brings you a shapely new snack that looks like a daisy. A crunchy little corn flower… with a fresh new flavor!

Everybody’s picking the Daisy*s crackers! This is the snack that looks like a daisy. A flavor like oven-puffed popovers — only crunchy!

daisys crackers 1966 vintage ad

Buttons snacks, from General Mills: Tastes like cheddar, only better (1967)

Buttons taste like toasted cheddar, only better. A breezy, cheesy taste that crunches! Buttons crunch in a bunch. Grab a handful of this new cheese flavor that grabs you right back.

Pop your buttons — pop ’em in your mouth. Munch with lunch — crunch, crunch, crunch!

Their names suggest their shapes: A button is a small golden round, puffed and slightly cupped bite-size snack that’ll make you think, “cheese” at first bite. A bow is light crisp little ribbon of goodness tied in the middle. Smooth on one side and criss-crossed on the other. When you nibble on a crisp little bow you’ll think, “hot buttered popcorn.” – From The Capital-Journal (Salem, Oregon) – December 21, 1967

LIFE Nov 10 1967 GM buttons crackers

Bows crunchy snacks: Tastes like popcorn, tied in a bow (1967)

Bows are crisp as popped-up corn. Taste like popcorn tied in a bow. Ever see a better shape for dipping? Scoop ’em up — crunch ’em down. Tie-into Bows.

And Bows dress up food. Crunch up a sandwich, pretty up soup. Kicky shape, kookie taste. Go great with everything, anytime, anywhere.

LIFE Nov 10 1967 GM bows crackers

We double dare you to try ’em both. (You’ll go crazy trying to decide which one tastes better.) From General Mills

General Mills 1967 - Snack crackers Bugles more

Classic Nabisco crackers and spray can cheeses (1967)

Selection shown in this picnic scene includes Pimento Cheese spread, Wheat Thins, Ritz crackers, Sociables savory crackers, Cheddar Cheese spread, Chicken in a Biskit, Sip’n Chips cheese snacks, American cheese spread, and Triscuit whole wheat wafers.

Vintage Nabisco crackers (1967) at ClickAmericana com

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Hamies ham crackers from 1967

New Hamies crackers aren’t made of ham… they just taste that way. Mmm! That baked ham taste with just a touch of clove and pineapple. 

Hamies crackers from 1967

Flings and Shapies crackers (1968)

Flings: Crisp little corn curls in two great flavors: Swiss ‘n Ham and Cheddar Cheese. Shapies: The little dippers that taste like cheese. In two dippy shapes. Great with all kinds of party dips.

Flings and Shapies crackers (1968) at ClickAmericana com

Sweet and salty vintage Duet crackers (1969)

A clear case of “opposites attract,” Sweet ‘n’ salty — different as night and day — join in a happy, happy marriage. Together they make Duet the sweet ‘n’ salty cracker. Duet has a taste you never tasted before because it’s never existed before.

Sweet and salty vintage Duet crackers (1969) at ClickAmericana com

Retro Nabisco cracker packaging from 1969

Boxes of Sociables, Wheat Thins, Bacon flavored thins, Chicken in a Biskit, French Onion crackers, Chippers, and Triangle thins shown.

Vintage Nabisco cracker brands from 1969 at ClickAmericana com

1970s vintage cracker brands

Retro Nabisco crackers from 1975

Retro Nabisco crackers from 1975 at ClickAmericana com

Nabisco classic Swiss Cheese crackers (1976)

Vintage Nabisco Swiss Cheese crackers (1976) at ClickAmericana com

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Nabisco Premium Saltine crackers (1970)

Premium crackers (1970) at ClickAmericana com

Nabisco classic Tater Puffs crackers (1975)

Vintage Nabisco Tater Puffs crackers (1975)

Vintage Goldfish crackers from the 60s & 70s

When tiny Goldfish Crackers from Pepperidge Farm were first sold in test markets in the Eastern US in 1963, they came in five different flavors: pizza, cheese, smoky, lightly salted, and barbecue. By 1965, there were six flavors, with some additions and changes to the lineup: lightly salted, cheese, sesame seed, pizza, poppy seed and onion.

Around the same time, Pepperidge Farm also made larger (and flatter) fish-shaped crackers: Goldfish Dippers, which you can see above.

What? You’ve never swallowed a Goldfish? (1976)

Try Pepperidge Farm’s crispy little crackers instead of peanuts and pretzels. A unique party idea! Pepperidge Farm Goldfish are made with layers and layers of crisp flaky cracker dough. There’s nothing like ’em.

Look for Pepperidge Farm Goldfish on your grocer’s cookie or cracker shelf. Try Cheddar, Lightly Salted, Pretzel, Pizza flavored or Parmesan. Once you’ve tried ’em, you’re hooked!

Vintage Goldfish crackers from the 70s (1976) at ClickAmericana com

Goldfish Crackers Big Smiles Variety Pack with Cheddar, Colors, and Pretzels, Snack Packs, 30 Ct
  • Variety pack includes: 10 single-serving packs of Goldfish colors, 12 packs of Goldfish cheddar, 8 packs of Goldfish pretzels
  • Always baked, never fried: Goldfish crackers are always baked with no artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Keep Goldfish within reach: from after-school snacking to mealtime, you can have all your favorite Goldfish flavors handy

Dixies drumstick snack crackers (1978)

Dixies drumstick snack crackers (1978) at ClickAmericana com

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Classic Nabisco Sesame Wheats crackers (1979)

Vintage Sesame Wheats crackers (1979) at ClickAmericana com

1980s vintage cracker brands

Vegetable Thins and Sesame Wheats crackers (1981)

Vegetable Thins and Sesame Wheats crackers (1981) at ClickAmericana com

Sesame RyKrisp crackers (1980)

Sesame RyKrisp crackers (1980) at ClickAmericana com

The beauty of presenting Ritz crackers to your friends (1982)

Ritz crackers ad from 1982 at ClickAmericana com

Vintage Pepperidge Farm Distinctive Crackers (1984)

Classic crackers shown include English Water Biscuits, Cracked Wheats, Sesame, and Hearty Wheat snacks.

Vintage Pepperidge Farm Distinctive Crackers (1984) at ClickAmericana com

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Hain Naturals Sesame, Sourdough, and Vegetable crackers (1984)

Hain Naturals crackers (1984) at ClickAmericana com

Sunshine brand HiHo, Cheez-it, and Wheat Wafers crackers from 1980

Sunshine crackers from 1980 at ClickAmericana com

Classic Nabisco crackers from 1980

Featuring Sesame Wheats, Vegetable Thins, Sociables, Cheddar Triangles, Dixies, Dip in a Chip, and Snack Shapes snacks.

Crackers from 1980 at ClickAmericana com

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Snack Shapes and Wheat Things (1980)

Snack Shapes and Wheat Things (1980) at ClickAmericana com

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Vintage Nabisco Low Salt Triscuits (1987)

Nabisco crackers (1987) at ClickAmericana com

Nacho ‘N Corn Thins crackers (1982)

Nacho N Corn Thins crackers (1982) at ClickAmericana com

Cheddar Triangles snack crackers (1980)

Cheddar Triangles snack crackers (1980) at ClickAmericana com

Retro Natural RyKrisp crackers with Cracker Barrel cheddar cheese (1980)

Natural RyKrisp crackers (1980) at ClickAmericana com

Nabisco snack cracker flavors from 1982

Vegetable Thins, Country Crackers, Bacon flavored thins, Swiss Cheese, Wheat Thins, and Better Cheddars

Nabisco snack cracker flavors from 1982 at ClickAmericana com

Bacon and Sociables crackers (1981)

Bacon and Sociables crackers (1981) at ClickAmericana com

Triscuit and Chicken in a Biskit crackers (1981)

Triscuit and Chicken in a Biskit crackers (1981) at ClickAmericana com

The bestselling crackers that you can buy today

Bestseller No. 1
Amazon Fresh, Original Saltine Crackers, 16 Oz (Previously Happy Belly, Packaging May Vary)
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  • One 17.8 oz box with 12 stacks of RITZ Fresh Stacks Original Crackers
  • Flaky and delicious snack crackers with a rich, buttery flavor
  • Perfect crackers for snacking, appetizers or quick meals
SaleBestseller No. 3
Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Original Country Club Crackers, 13.7 ounce (Pack of 1)
  • One 13.7-ounce box of Happy Belly Country Club Crackers
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No cholesterol
SaleBestseller No. 4
Lance Sandwich Crackers Variety Pack, 36 Ct (Pack of 36)
  • Favorite flavors: featuring ToastChee peanut butter, toasty peanut butter, captain's wafers cream cheese and chives, nekot peanut butter cookies
  • Made with quality ingredients: made with real peanut butter or cheese fillings, between fresh baked crackers or cookies
  • Helps keep you going: fuel your family with delicious sandwich crackers and cookies.
Bestseller No. 5
Keebler Sandwich Crackers, Single Serve Snack Crackers, Lunch Snacks, Variety Pack (45 Packs)
  • Make snacking more fun with Keebler sandwich crackers; Includes Cheese and Peanut Butter, Toast and Peanut Butter, and Club and Cheddar flavors
  • Deliciously crafted sandwich crackers make an easy snack for kids and adults; Enjoy these snacks anytime, anywhere
  • Made with real cheese and peanut butter; No high fructose corn syrup; Kosher Dairy; Contains wheat, milk, peanut, and soy ingredients
Bestseller No. 6
Wheat Thins Original Whole Grain Wheat Crackers, Party Size, 20 oz Box
  • One 20 oz party size box of Wheat Thins Original Whole Grain Wheat Crackers
  • 100% whole grain crackers with a deliciously salty, but slightly sweet taste
  • Each serving has 21 g of whole grains, and no cholesterol, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors or colors

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