Crax: The most imitated cracker in America (1940s & 1950s)

Vintage Crax crackers from the 1950s

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Educator Crax — America’s original all-purpose cracker (1947)

Fulfilling a promise… Now every New England homemaker can get crackers of guaranteed freshness!

The glad day is here… when homemakers can buy all the Educator Crax they want. Big, new baking ovens are doubling the number of rich, delicious, golden-brown Crax we can make.

No need now to waste money buying several different kinds of crackers. Instead, use Educator Crax — wherever you need a rich, delicious cracker… all through the meal… all through the day.

Crax are baked in their own sunny bakery from a secret recipe. Each cracker is slowly toasted over open flames… then showered with extra shortening. It bubbles and browns right into Crax, giving them golden-crisp goodness never equaled.

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Compare them against any brand you may now be using. Either you prefer Educator Crax… or simply send us the unused portion in the package and well give you Double Your Money Back. What could be more fair?

Get Educator Crax — today. Remember… wherever you find Educator Crax — find them fresh.

Educator Crax -- America's original all-purpose cracker (1947)

The original Educator Crax

This is the most imitated cracker in America. Why has no one ever equalled it?

1) In dainty texture and deliciously different flavor.

2) In its exclusive three-way package protection.

Megowen-Educator Food Company [Once the makers of Girl Scout cookies]

Crax The most imitated cracker in America (1950)

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  1. Crax as Educator Biscuit In Lowell Ma, they had a cracker called Brats. Any idea where the recipe went?

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