Chiclets – the candy coated gum (1922)

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Dash and pep — that’s Chiclets! Try ’em!

Peppermint — Tutti-frutti — Spearmint… 10 for 5c

Chiclets, the delicious candy coated chewing gum

They’re great!

Delicious, delightful Chiclets Sugar-coated pure candy jacket

Fine fresh gum — tasty and long lasting

Full o’ pep — three dandy flavors

“Pretty snappy,” says Eddie Cantor!

Does Eddie like Chiclets? Sure he does! If you don’t believe it, ask the Girl in the Orange Tam! Free sample box of Chiclets when you meet her.

Try Chiclets — get that snappy, peppy, delightful flavor!

They’re zippy!

Tasty, peppy, delicious Chiclets — they’re Delightful — good for the whole family

Wholesome — just pure sugar-coated gum

Beneficial — good for nerves and digestion

The tastiest tidbit that ever tickled a tongue!

You bet you’ll like that wonderful pep and go — that zippy delightful flavor! Just try Chiclets — then you’ll know!

Peppermint — Tutti-frutti — Spearmint 10 for 5

Chiclets — the delicious candy coated chewing gum

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