See Leonardo DiCaprio’s old Bubble Yum TV commercial from the ’80s

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Leonardo DiCaprio's old Bubble Yum TV commercial (1988)

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Before he was a star among stars, Leonardo DiCaprio was a kid taking jobs where he could — including playing an awesome gum-lover in this vintage 1980s Bubble Yum TV commercial.

Bubble Yum gum TV commercial with Leonardo DiCaprio (1988/1989)

Leonardo DiCaprio’s career was just getting started when this vintage Bubble Yum ad played nationally in the late eighties. A few years later, he’d have regular roles in the TV shows “Parenthood” and “Growing Pains.”

Finally, in 1993, Leo was in his first movie, “This Boy’s Life,” playing against Robert De Niro… and things took off from there.

In addition to showing the future Titanic and Great Gatsby movie actor, this bubble gum ad video also featured actor/rapper Omar M Gooding — the younger brother of actor Cuba Gooding, Jr.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Bubble Yum TV commercial (1988)

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Leo’s lines: “This is a chunk of super-soft Bubble Yum bubble gum. This is a loud-thumpin’, tune-pumpin’ boombox. Both are known for blasts. But the Yum is the fun that never blows out. Big mouth bustin’ Bubble Yum. Keeps it poppin’!”

Video: Bubble Yum commercial starring Leonardo DiCaprio

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