90s candy: 20+ popular and totally fly sweet treats

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90s candy - Popular and totally fly sweet treats

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The Juice is Loose! SNICKERS really satisfies. Melts in your mouth, not in your hand. 

These iconic ad campaign slogans for 90s candy may have fallen by the wayside a decade (or a few) ago, but the treats found in this candy collection — including Starburst, 3Musketeers, M&Ms, Jelly Bellies, Nerds and more — may still be among your favorites in 2020-something.

Join us on a tasty scroll through the phattest decade of sweets!

PS: Come for a free offer from Shock Tarts for those screamin’ Power of Sour Sunglasses (and stay for their oh-so-subtle “say no to drugs” campaign co-sponsor).

Retro 3Musketeers candy bar (1993)

Razzles candy from 1994

First it’s a CANDY, then it’s a GUM

What is this stuff? A candy? A gum? It’s both! Razzles come in funky fruit flavors, and you have a chance to cop some mega-prices. (From Fleer)

Razzles candy from 1994

Retro 90s candy – Charleston Chew flavors (1992)

They came in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla
Retro 90s candy - Charleston Chew flavors (1992)

Retro 1990s Tropical Fruit Sunsations candy (1994)

Retro 1990s Tropical Fruit Sunsations candy 1994

90s candy: Reese’s Crunchy Cookie Cups (1997)

Vintage Reese's Crunchy Cookie Cups candy (1997)

Retro Willy Wonka’s Chewy Runts candy (1994)

Retro Willy Wonka's Chewy Runts candy (1994)

Retro candy — Hershey’s RSVP chocolates (1990)

Hershey’s invites you to enjoy six luscious squares of rich chocolate filled with caramel and chocolate creme.

Retro candy - Hershey's RSVP chocolate squares (1990)

Snickers candy bars (1990)

7:48 pm

What’s an eight-letter word
For hunger satsifaction
SNICKERS of course.

The name of the game is SNICKERS. That’s because SNICKERS Bars are packed with only the freshest peanuts, peanut butter nougat, caramel, and milk chocolate. And, what’s more, SNICKERS has absolutely no preservatives.

SNICKERS Bars. When it comes to satisfying your hunger, nothing else plays quite like it.

Snickers candy bars 1990

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Mars PBMax peanut butter candy bars (1991)

What makes the perfect snack?

a) Creamy peanut butter
b) Pure milk chocolate
c) Crunchy whole-grain cookies
d) All of the above

We mean Peanut Butter

Mars PBMax peanut butter candy bars (1991)

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Vintage Shock Tarts sour candy (1994)

Are you ready for the Power of Sour? Go on. Sink your jaws into that innocent-looking candy shell and tell your taste buds to hang on.

Come on. You won’t be happy ’till you find out for yourself. Can you handle the high-intensity flavor of Shock Tarts?

Will you make it to the chewy center packed with sweet fruity flavor? Go ahead. Take it on. Dare ya.

Retro 90s Shock Tarts candy from 1994

And the ShockTarts freebie wrap-around retro sunglasses offer!

Vintage Shock Tarts sour candy (1993)

Laffy Taffy candy from the 90s

Laffy Taffy candy from the 90s

90s Jelly Bellies jellybean candy (1993)

Coffee Beans.

Jelly Belly beans are the perfect snack for your next coffee break.

They’re not your ordinary jelly beans. And they’re just 4 calories per bean. You’ll find’em in up to 40 colorful, mouthwatering, “true-to-life” fun flavors.

It’s America’s favorite Jelly Bean.

Retro 1993 Jelly Bellies candy

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90s candy: Neon Nerds Wonka candy (1993)

Zap your buds with two outrageously intense tastes, Willy Wonka’s Pinktricity and Electrorange Neon Nerds.

If you can handle the impact, you’re no nerd! Come experience the intensity.

Retro Neon Nerds Wonka candy (1993)

Mars Starburst jellybeans candy (1994)

Announcing a jellybean that’s bound to make waves.

When you make a jellybean that bursts with real fruit flavor, it’s going to create more than just a splash.

New Starburst Jellybeans. Hold on to your tastebuds.


Mars Starburst jellybeans candy (1994)

1990s candy – Soda-Licious fruit snacks

SodaLicious – Now with 7Up and Cherry 7UP flavored fruit snacks

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1990s candy - Soda-Licious

Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddy candy from 1993

Sugar Babies and Sugar Daddy candy from 1993

Lindt truffles – Vintage chocolate candies (1994)

Lindt truffles - Vintage 90s chocolate candies (1994)

90s candy: Retro Almond M&M’s Easter candy (1994)

Even almonds get all dressed up for Easter.

Our whole roasted almonds are covered by delicious milk chocolate and pastel chocolate candy shells. So they’re always in fashion for Easter.

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Retro 90s Almond mms candy - Pastel easter colors (1994)

Milky Way Creme Eggs candy (1994)

Forget the $3.9 million price difference. Let’s talk taste.

Rich milk chocolate, creamy caramel, and fluffy nougat. Everything you love in a Milky Way, just in time for Easter.

Milky Way Brand Creme Eggs. Nothing smooths your way like a Milky Way.

Milky Way Creme Eggs candy (1994)

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Hershey’s Nuggets milk chocolate (1995)

Enticing Hershey’s Nuggets.

Because we all deserve something we can sink our teeth into.

Retro 90s Hershey's Nuggets chocolate candy (1995)

90s candy: Starburst Jellybeans (1995)

A tisket, a tasket, cool beans for your basket.

This Easter, look for Starburst Jellybeans. With real fruit flavor, they’ll add some hop to the holiday.

Cool colors. Cool taste. Cool beans.


Vintage 90s Starburst Jellybeans (1995)

This 90s candy brand had to pivot their trademarked slogan after the infamous OJ Simpson double murder trial.

 (In 1994 and earlier, the slogan was THE JUICE IS LOOSE, which also is what turned out to be an unfortunate riff on OJ Simpson’s nickname, The Juice, during his football career and beyond.)

3 Musketeers chocolate mini candy bars (1996)

Love them for what they are.

You could easily be persuaded by the rich milk chocolate outside. Or the fluffy delicious nougat inside.

Or the fact that each 3 Musketeers’ Brand Miniature has less than 1 gram of fat per piece.

5 grams of fat in a 7-piece serving.

And if that’s not enough, think how long you’ve known them.

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Vintage 3 Musketeers chocolate mini candy bars (1996)

90s candy… or diet food?

3Musketeers: Big on Chocolate, Not on Fat!

Remember the glory days of carbs when we based the relative healthiness of anything — even candy! — on how many fat grams it contained?

3Musketeers is reminiscent of that low-fat fad — reminding us in their 90s advertising that they have 45% less fat than the average of leading chocolate brands (but are actually “not a low-fat food.”)

90s candy: Vintage Dove chocolate turtles (1996)

Oh, the rich and lingering bliss of Dove chocolate turtles: each one a heavenly marriage of caramel, pecans, and light and dark Dove chocolate. Surely the perfect holiday gif! for someone you love.

Any day of Christmas, one more delicious reason… You can’t rush Dove!

Vintage 90s Dove Turtle Doves chocolate candies (1996)

Vintage Brachs Rocks candy (1994)

Vintage Brachs Rocks candy (1994)

90s candy: Junior Mints and Dots (1997)

Two concession classics — Junior Mints and Mason Dots — are appearing together at theatres around the country.

Dots’ super assortment of five fruit flavors and Junior Mints’ creamy combination of cool mint and dark milk chocolate have been the choice of movie goer’s for years.

Make sure your concession features the double selling power of these two favorites — Junior and Dot together at last!

Retro Junior Mints and Dots candies (1997)

90s candy: Nestle Treasures candy (1999)

mmmmmmmerry Christmas.

In peanut butter and creamy caramel.

Nestle Treasures candy (1999)

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