Buttons & Bows snacks from General Mills (1967)

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Buttons: Tastes like cheddar, only better

Buttons taste like toasted cheddar, only better. A breezy, cheesy taste that crunches!

Buttons crunch in a bunch. Grab a handful of this new cheese flavor that grabs you right back.

Pop your buttons — pop ’em in your mouth. Munch with lunch — crunch, crunch, crunch!


Bows: Tastes like popcorn, tied in a bow

Bows are crisp as popped-up corn. Taste like popcorn tied in a bow.

Ever see a better shape for dipping? Scoop ’em up — crunch ’em down. Tie-into Bows.

And Bows dress up food. Crunch up a sandwich, pretty up soup. Kicky shape, kookie taste. Go great with everything, anytime, anywhere.

We double dare you to try ’em both. (You’ll go crazy trying to decide which one tastes better.) From General Mills


New snacks

From The Capital Journal (Salem, Oregon) – December 21, 1967

The merry sounds of Christmas provide beautiful music to munch by and daydream of holidays past and present. Remember the game? Button, button, who’s got the button? Spin the bottle, pin a bow on the donkey’s tail.

Fun is where you find it, and General Mills has two new snacks just for fun. Have you ever eaten a button — ever tried a bow? No? Who’d want to munch a button or crunch a bow? You will once you’ve seen and tasted General Mills Buttons and Bows.

Their names suggest their shapes; A button is a small golden round, puffed and slightly cupped bite-size snack that’ll make you think, “cheese” at first bite. A bow is light crisp little ribbon of goodness tied in the middle. Smooth on one side and criss-crossed on the other. When you nibble on a crisp little bow you’ll think, “hot buttered popcorn.”

These go-together snacks come packaged in gay striped boxes; pink and red for Buttons — and girls; blue and green for Bows — and boys — just for fun.

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