Stupendous! Rock-Ola jukeboxes for 1966

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Billboard Jun 25, 1966 rock ola jukebox1

The Rock-Ola Line Is a Very Good Line: Distribs

CHICAGO — A reporter usually gets two answers when asking distributors — and even operators — what they think of a new jukebox. One answer will be for publication, and will usually be an innocuous, complimentary comment. The other has to go unquoted. It’s that honest criticism “that’s not for publication.”

However, in surveying Rock-Ola distributors last week for their reaction– on and off the record — to the now completely introduced Rock-Ola jukebox line, we found unanimous and apparently genuine enthusiasm.

Since June, Rock-Ola has introduced the phonographs in three sizes and price ranges. The three-model introduction follows what company executive vice-president Ed Doris calls the “full-line” concept. The first model was the line leader, the Model 43 Grand Prix Imperial, 160- selection unit, premiered in New York and New Orleans distributor showings in late May and introduced formally to the industry in early June.

The second model, also a 160-selection phonograph, was officially introduced last week. It is designated GP/160, Model 432, size and price smaller than the Imperial. he third model, the Coronado, compact. 100-selection, model 431, rounds out the line. The most common comment gathered from Rock-Ola distributors is related to the model 432, how it now enables them to compete in the middle price.

“We can now compete with anybody,” said A. L. Ptacek, Manhattan, Kan., distributor and Music Operators of America vice-president. “We have always been in a good position on the high and low ends; now we are covered in the middle. We now have the most complete line that we have had the privilege of handling.”

Ptacek is convinced that it is important to have a 160-selection jukebox in two price and size ranges, for operators demand it. Ptacek added that the units are selling well.

Declared Eli Ross, Ross Distributing, Inc., Miami: “We have the first two models and are eagerly awaiting the third. In this market, operators tell us that this Rock-Ola line ‘is the best thing going.'” Ross said he’ll probably schedule a full-line showing in late fall or early winter.

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Pete Geritz — known as the distributor who usually speaks his mind honestly — said that operators are frankly pleased with the three look-alike models. Geritz, who owns Mountain Distributors in Denver, allowed that he was even a little pleased himself.

Billboard Jun 25, 1966 rock ola jukebox2

Stupendous! Egad! What elegance!

Rock-Ola… the dependable line of money makin’ music makers

Billboard Jun 25, 1966 rock ola jukebox

New jukeboxes for 1966 from Rock-Ola Manufacturing Corp.

Billboard Aug 27, 1966 jukeboxes

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