See some of the mighty vintage Wurlitzer organs of the ’60s

Wurlitzer 4300 organ - French Provincial in rich cherry wood

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The excitement… the enchantment… of the Mighty Wurlitzer in a spinet organ!

To achieve this accomplishment, Wurlitzer engineers, acoustical experts and nuclear physicists conducted elaborate, highly technical research. They recorded and carefully analyzed the tone structure of various pipes of a Mighty Wurlitzer. Then they set out to recreate these rich, full, unforgettable sounds in a spinet electronic organ… the Wurlitzer 4300. The result is sheer magic.

Wurlitzer 4300 organs with Total Tone

Award-winning Wurlitzer designer, K. Gunnar Benson, NSID, gives you many, many beautifully designed styles from which to choose. Only Wurlitzer offers such a complete selection of styles and finishes… combined with such musical excellence.

And musical excellence goes hand-in-hand with cabinet design… placement of speakers is critical to proper resonance… the back protects electrical components and creates an acoustic tone chamber.

About the 1960s Wurlitzer 4300 organ (2)

Because Wurlitzer places major emphasis on furniture styling and quality cabinetry, as well as basic tonal design, the result is an organ that is actually custom-made. Cabinet and organ are designed and built for each other, by Wurlitzer, at the most modern organ manufacturing plant in the world.

This combination of decorator-design, finest facilities and skilled craftsmanship gives you an instrument as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear.

Whatever the decor of your home, there’s a Wurlitzer 4300 to enhance its beauty. Choose from popular Contemporary in warm Walnut or rich Sable Brown Mahogany, elegant Italian Provincial, handsome Scandinavian Oiled Walnut, authentic Early American Maple, or luxurious French Provincial Cherry.

A mid-century modern home design & decor for a hip young family (1965)

About the 1960s Wurlitzer 4300 organ (1)


Warm… nice to live with… this Early American Maple organ is as cozy as an open fire crackling in the fireplace. This popular model of the Total Tone Wurlitzer 4300, like all Wurlitzer organs, was designed by award-winning Wurlitzer designer, K. Gunnar Benson, NSID. It gives a homey touch to any room… any period… but blends especially well with maple or fruitwood.

Wurlitzer 4300 organ - Early American model in mellow maple


If you’re a perfectionist in your decorating… fastidious about fine workanship… confident in your own good taste… then it’s a Wurlitzer for you. The classic lines of this Italian Provincial model add elegance and beauty to any setting. Whether your home’s mood is casual or formal… Italian Provincial complements it because it’s so wonderfully versatile.

Wurlitzer 4300 organ - Italian Provincial model in warm walnut wood


The sleek lines of this Contemporary Wurlitzer 4300 Total Tone spinet organ make it truly an organ for the young at heart. The design mixes well with traditional as well as modern decor. Its clean-lined contour and attractive proportions add a restrained dignity to this style, designed in rich Sable Brown Mahogany by Wurlitzer award-winning designer, K. Gunnar Benson, NSID. Also available in warm Walnut.

Wurlitzer 4300 organ - Contemporary style in sable brown mahogany wood


The Wurlitzer 4300 spinet organ is a joy to the eye as well as to the ear — especially in graceful French Provincial- Features of this design are its elegantly carved cabriole legs and the delicate carving of the music panel. The timeless quality of this style will provide a harmonious accent to any interior decor.

Wurlitzer 4300 organ - French Provincial in rich cherry wood


The sculptured simplicity of line on this new Wurlitzer 4300 organ is typical of Danish furniture styling. It takes full advantage of the beautiful wood grain, rather than depending on added ornamentation. Designed by award-winning designer, K. Gunnar Benson, NSID, the striking beauty of the Wurlitzer Total Tone 4300 in Scandinavian Oiled Walnut is matched only by its outstanding versatility and authentic organ tone.

Wurlitzer 4300 organ - Scandinavian in oiled walnut

Put a song in their hearts this Christmas with a Wurlitzer piano, organ or stereo (1968)

The Christmas you give a Wurlitzer is a Christmas never to be forgotten — by you or your family. Because a Wurlitzer puts a song in their hearts, and stars in their eyes, for a lifetime.

Choose a Wurlitzer piano and you choose the piano more people buy than any other… For music to travel by, select a Wurlitzer portable electronic piano. It goes where the fun goes, plugs in anywhere.

Or choose a Wurlitzer organ, and get the richness, excitement and variety of Wurlitzer Total Tone, inherited from the immortal Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Organ.

Wurlitzer piano, organ stereos from 1968 (1)

Wurlitzer piano, organ stereos from 1968 (3)

Every piano and organ at Disneyland is a Wurlitzer (1967)

… make your home a Wurlitzer wonderland of music, too!

Just as Disneyland means fun the world over, Wurlitzer means music to millions the world over. Wurlitzer also means superb musical instruments of many kinds … instruments that have added pleasure and purpose to the lives of music lovers for over a century.

Wurlitzer means organs, electronic pianos, guitars, amplifiers, solid-state stereo, flutes, trombones, trumpets, comets, saxophones, clarinets. flugelhorns. And Wurlitzer means, too, the unique Music Laboratory that is bringing new excitement to music education in schools across the nation.

In the wonderful world of Wurlitzer, there’s a musical instrument to challenge and inspire every musical talent — beginner, advanced student,
or professional artist. So when you come to Disneyland, be sure to stop in at the Wurlitzer exhibit for a musical visit… you’ll find us right on the corner of Main Street, just inside the entrance to the Magic Kingdom.

Wurlitzer organ music at Disneyland - 1967

Vintage Disneyland tickets: The A B C D E rides and attractions at the Magic Kingdom (1959-1982)


To assure precise tone, the tone generating system of the Wurlitzer 4300 employs silicon transistors, the type until now found only in missiles and similar government projects. Thorough testing proved them to be unaffected by humidity or temperature variations. The most reliable, longest-lasting transistors ever marketed, they’ll give you ultimate dependability. No warm-up needed… you can begin to play instantly.

Another advantage of these tone generators is their small size, permitting a larger acoustic tone chamber. They also make possible a less complex organ design that assures maximum reliability.

The Wurlitzer exclusive tone generating system authentically produces the four basic families of organ tone ; String, Flute, Reed and Diapason, plus orchestral voices. The flute tones are smooth and mellow. The string tones soar and sing. The reed tones are vibrant, penetrating.

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For over half a century, the sound of the Mighty Wurlitzer has been famous throughout the world… the new Wurlitzer 4300 spinet organ leaves no doubt why. Never before has such magnificent sound… such fullness of tone… been available n a spinet organ. The Wurlitzer 4300 brings right into your home the excitement of the famed Mighty Wurlitzer theater organ, the grandeur of the cathedral organ, the brilliance of the jazz organ, the refinement of the classical organ, the appeal of the popular organ… TOTAL TONE. To believe it, you have to see it… hear it… play it.

Recording the sounds of the Mighty Wurlitzer was the first step in tonal research for the new 4300. Three-dimensional models of sound waves are constructed to permit the research staff to see what the ear hears. Another step was checking the waveform shaping network. Having simulated a voice of the Mighty Wurlitzer for the 4300 electronic spinet organ, an acoustical engineer measures the accuracy of the waveform.

One of the many tests made in checking tone was conducted in an anechoic chamber, where experts checked the authenticity of the sound oi the 4300 compared to that of the Mighty Wurlitzer.

Little boy playing a vintage Wurlitzer home organ


Wurlitzer Automatic Tone Controls, each plainly inscribed with the name of an instrument, offer a fascinating variety of organ and orchestral voices combinations… the brilliance of the theater organ… the blast of trumpets in modern tempo… flutes of mellow beauty… the clarinet’s haunting voice… the grandeur of the cathedral organ… all of these and many more are yours to command by a simple touch of your finger.


Suddenly the melody sings out like the solo instrument in an orchestra. Flute, Clarinet, Trombone… all voices at any pitch, singly or in combination… Solo controls multiply the dramatic effects… emphasize individual voices.


To accentuate the Oboe, Trumpet and Kimura as solo instruments or in combination, the Accent Control is most useful in many types of music.


Just push a piston and a combination of tone controls is automatically and visibly set. Pre-set pistons instantly produce combinations for upper and lower keyboards… invaluable to the professional and the beginner alike.


Push the Cancel Piston for either the upper or lower keyboard and Automatic Tone Controls engaged are automatically and visibly canceled. Invaluable for making swift changes in tone settings.


The couplers greatly increase the versatility and range by providing additional pitches at the 16′, 4′, and 2′ range for all families of organ tone.

Add ringing accents to your organ music with Chimes. Originally available only on the great pipe organs in churches, cathedrals and theaters, these mellow, bell-like tones are now yours automatically.

Who hasn’t been intrigued, entranced, thrilled by the sound of the Hawaiian guitar as the melody flows smoothly from one note to the next… or shivered from sheer pleasure hearing the trombone’s haunting slide. You’ll reproduce these same sweeping, singing sounds, automatically, without any special touch or technique, with the Slide on the Wurlitzer 4300.

Woodstock: What people said the famous music festival was REALLY like (1969)

Model 4100 series: Parts and specifications

Wurlitzer organ Model 4100 series manual



New sounds… more fun… so many delightful sounds never heard on a spinet organ before. Fun for the beginner… intriguing and challenging to the professional. Multi-Matic Percussion will keep you on the bench for hours of experimentation… hours of fun, fun, fun.

Sustain Percussion

Push the key down… now release the key… and the sound lingers on. Hawaiian guitar, harpsichord, singing strings and many other exciting and exotic sounds transport you to enchanting islands… different lands, Because Sustain lets the sound linger on, it gives the beginner more time to find the next key… but the professional organist will be fascinated, too, by the host of unusual effects he can achieve. Even more versatility is provided by four lengths of sustain, and by independent control of sustain on each keyboard on all four families of tone at various pitches.

The crash cymbal, the swinging sound of a sizzle cymbal… they’re yours with Wurlitzer Ssh-Boom. The Ssh-Boom has a volume control, too, permitting prominent or subdued sounds to fit the music you’re playing. These effects have always been available on the famed Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organs… but now… thanks to the extensive research of Wurlitzer acoustical experts, coupled with the magic of electronics… you can have these sounds on the new Wurlitzer 4300 with Total Tone.

Repeat Percussion

Beginner or accomplished organist, you will enjoy the many exciting, enchanting sounds that can be achieved with Repeat Percussion. The plunk-plunk- plunk of a banjo… as authentic as if you were sittin’ on the levee… or the amorous sound of the mandolin… enjoy these and many more with Repeat Percussion.

Pizzicato Percussion

Add sparkle to your playing with this unusual effect… sounds you’ve never heard before. You really have to hear it to believe it! Pizzicato has its own tonality, or may be combined with others to give a sharp attack on a note or chord. Really swings on novelty and jazz numbers.

Bongo Percussion

Provides the single stroke attack of tuned drums… 44 of them I From the deep-throated beat of native tom-toms to the high pitched sound of Ja- maican bongos… an unusual spectrum of sounds


Creates a thrilling effect of warmth and causes the organ tone to vibrate


Auditorium sound dimension is yours with Wurlitzer all-transistor Reverb. Not limited to just one or two lengths of reverberation time, the Wurlitzer Reverb rheostat control provides a complete range equally effective for classical music or pop tunes, this variable Reverb, exclusive to Wurlitzer in spinet organs, adds much to your musical enjoyment.


Exclusive Wurlitzer Dual-Speed Spectra-Tone adds sound in motion for a new dimension in vibrant tone projection. Convenient tabs on the organ console control two 12″ and two 6″ x 9″ stationary speakers and two 4″ rotating speakers… enable you to select Spectra-Tone for either keyboard or both… give you the deep-throated vibrato characteristic of the Mighty Wurlitzer theater organ, the tonal opulence of a majestic cathedral organ, or a thrilling ensemble that combines the straight organ sound with Theater or Cathedral sound dimension.


Individual keyboard control of Spectra-Tone permits the unusual effect of theatrical vibrato on one keyboard and straight organ on the other. The contrast of a vibrant, soaring solo voice against a solid accompaniment– or vice versa — is exciting to player and listener alike.


Thrilling stereophonic effects are yours with the Wurlitzer 4300 dual-channel system. A separate amplifier and a separate speaker system for the voices of each keyboard provide spectacular, divided tone projection. Audio response from 20 to 20,000 cycles. Output 70 watts, totally dis- tributed, rated conservatively.


So easy to play! The rich bass quality of the pedal tones provides fullness and depth. The expanded resources offer variety. Four voices at two pitches may be played singly or in combination. Pedal volume controls give you a wide range of pedal tones from soft to full. Pedal Sustain provides a legato or sustained flow of pedal tones for interesting and varied effects… a feature appreciated by professional and beginner alike.


Enable you to play “silently” with no disturbance to others… yet you get the full stereo effect of the 4300 yourself. Perfect for !ate-at-night playing.


Inclined and overhanging, the two full 44- note keyboards are closer together, for easy, relaxed playing. Solid, color-fast, the traditional organ keys give lightning-fast response… a wondrous fullness of tone pours forth at the slightest touch.

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  1. I still own a Wurlitzer 4603, Italian Walnut design. I acquired it brand new from the factory in 1966, the year after I acquired my wife. I still have both the Organ and the Wife. This fine organ has Spectra-tone, Shh-boom, 25 pedals, presets, on the fly voice modifications. amd couplers from keyboard to keyboard, including to and from the 25 pedals. I may need new tone generators for the bass pedals. Other tone generators have been collection dust for the last 18 years, as back and leg injuries prevented me from playing. I now would like to play even in spite of the pain, and would like to repair or replace the organ I have. We live near Colorado Springs. The organ itself is nearly without blemish, and for a long time I thought that the pedal connections were not connected properly. They played, but not the right note. A while back I disconnected the pedals, and re-connected properly, (I believe). The pedals no do not sound, now, and the left and right hand keyboards sometimes seem ‘fuzzy’, very likely from not having been dusted for years. In my opinion, this Wurlitzer was the finest home organ ever produced. It had a much more “musical sound’ than the electric “pop” that defined the noise made by depressing the keys on the Hammond Organs. I would love to acquire another Wurlitzer or have someone repair the one I have.
    Please let me know if you have any information

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