Old-fashioned cafe frappe & chocolate frappe recipes

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Cafe frappe & chocolate frappe recipes (1896)

Note: This article may feature affiliate links, and purchases made may earn us a commission at no extra cost to you. Find out more here.

I like to think of these Victorian frappe recipes as precursors to Starbucks’ Frappuccino. You can even combine a couple and make an icy mocha frap of your own, courtesy of these recipes from the 19th century.

Cafe frappe & chocolate frappe recipes (1896)

Cafe frappe and chocolate frappe are both favorite beverages for the teas served on the piazza on hot summer afternoons.

Cafe frappé recipe

A tested recipe for the former consists of eight level tablespoonfuls of freshly-ground coffee covered with a quart of boiling water for eight or ten minutes. Strain the coffee, dissolve in eight tablespoonfuls of granulated sugar, and add a half pint of warmed milk and the same quantity of sweet cream. Stir thoroughly, and when cool, put in a freezer and partly freeze.

Serve in glasses or china cups with small cakes or wafers. Just before serving, drop in each cup a little cold whipped cream.

People who do not object to using spirits in their cookery sometimes savor the frappe with a little brandy.

Chocolate frappé recipe

For the chocolate, which is a very rich beverage, use three-fourths of a pound of sweetened chocolate. Break in small pieces and set in a bowl over hot water until melted. Heat a quart and a half of milk in an oatmeal boiler, and stir in the melted chocolate, a little at a time.

When thoroughly mixed and smooth, set where it will cool, and stir it often while cooling. Whip a pint of cream to a froth, and when the chocolate is nearly cold, add to it. Flavor delicately with vanilla and beat lightly with an egg-beater until well mixed. Partly freeze and serve in the same way as the coffee.

Mrs Hill’s cocoa frappe

Mix half a pound of cocoa and three cupfuls of sugar; cook with two cupfuls of boiling water until smooth; add to three quarts and a half of milk scalded with cinnamon bark; cook for ten minutes. Beat in the beaten whites of two eggs mixed with a cupful of sugar and a pint of whipped cream. Cool, flavor with vanilla extract, and freeze. Serve in cups. Garnish with whipped cream.

Black coffee frappe

Pulverize in a Turkish coffee machine enough fine-ground coffee to make one-half a cup. Boil a pint of water and a pound of sugar for ten minutes, or until a very slender thread is formed; add the coffee, which should be blended smooth with cold water, and let cook for ten minutes. Cover and let cool; add the stiff-beaten whites of two eggs, mix all very thoroughly, and let freeze. Serve in small glasses with sweetened whipped cream and sections of lemon pulp on top.

Chocolate frappe

Place two squares or ounces of baker’s chocolate into a double boiler. When it has melted add one quart of milk which has been warmed slightly, two tablespoons of sugar. Cover and boil for five minutes. Then whip with an egg-beater until very smooth and set away to cool. Freeze as you would ice cream until the mixture in soft and mushy, not firm and smooth, and serve at once with whipped cream which has been sweetened with pulverized sugar and flavored delicately with vanilla.

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