Vintage ’80s pantyhose, nylons & tights came in lots of awesome colors & textures

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Vintage 80s pantyhose, nylons & tights came in lots of awesome colors and textures

The fashion advantage: Hanes women have it (1985)

Twenty elegant colors and eight glorious textures that turn any entrance into an event.

The fashionΒ advantage Hanes women have it 1985

Sheer Elegance Silky Support pantyhose (1985)

Sheer Elegance Silky Support vintage '80s pantyhose from 1985

Vintage ’80s pantyhose: Sheer Energy makes me feel like dancing (1981)

Vintage '80s pantyhose - Sheer Energy feel like dancing from 1981

Sheer Energy pantyhose (1985)

The power of Sheer Energy pantyhose comes from special springy fibers that massage and soothe your legs. Sheer Energy’s all-day massage makes your legs feel lively, energized…and you feel ready to light up your days — and nights. So put on the power of Sheer Energy. In Control Top, too. Nothing beats a great pair of Leggs!

Sheer Energy pantyhose from 1985

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Silky Sheer Elegance pantyhose from 1987

Silky Sheer Elegance pantyhose from 1987

Vintage ’80s pantyhose: Silk Sheer Elegance nylons (1982)

Silk Sheer Elegance nylons from 1982

New L’eggs colors at Radio City Music Hall (1985)

Vintage '80s pantyhose - New L'eggs colors (Radio City Music Hall) 1985

L’eggs pantyhose: They’re made for the way you’re made (1981)

1981 - L'eggs pantyhose - fashion

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Sears Hug-Alon Pantyhose (1987)

Sears Hug-Alon Pantyhose 1987

It’s here! The new, soft undie in Undie L’eggs nylons (1982)

Undie L'eggs nylons 1982

Vintage fashion tights: Solid, patterned & textured (1983)

Vintage fashion tights from 1983

Vintage “pantihose” from the eighties – ’83

Vintage pantihose from the eighties - 1983

Wide-band knee highs – sheer toe & reinforced toe (1982)

Wide-band knee highs - Nylons from 1982

Vintage ’80s pantyhose: Color yourself in Hanes (1985)

In a sensational selection of tantalizing textures and colors to suit your every mood. Gentlemen prefer Hanes.

Hanes color pantyhose - 1985

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Hanes True Reflections nylons (1983)

Available in these colors: Sand, sunset, pecan, mocha, cocoa, suede, born brown, coffee, midnight brown, off-black

Ten sheer new shades. To fit the way you’re made. You’ve always dreamed of a choice of pantyhose in just your shade–and now they’re here! Ten sheer new shades of TRUE REFLECTIONS. You’ll find one — or more  — that flatter your skin tones beautifully. True Reflections hose come in Sheer, Light Support and Control Top, plus four sizes, including Queensize and Extra Queen-size, so you can find a perfect fit, too. Try new TRUE REFLECTIONS for more shades, super sheerness and fabulous fit. It’s just what you’ve been asking for! Available at department and specialty stores.

1983 Hanes True Reflections nylons

1983 Hanes pantyhose

L’eggs designed to fit most every body (1984)

When you put on a pair of L’eggs, you’ll feel like they were tailor-made to fit your body. Whether you’re tall, small, round or slim, Memory Yarn* makes every pair of L’eggs curve where you curve, stretch when you stretch, and move right along with you. When you buy a pair of L’eggs pantyhose, you can feel confident that they’ll adapt to your particular shape because L’eggs are designed to fit most every body. Nothing beats a great pair of L’eggs

1984 L'eggs tights and pantyhose

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Textured is the look: N0-Nonsense fashion color nylons (1986)

Look to new Fashion Color Texture for the finishing touch …to your legs! Diamond Lace, Delicate Dots and Chevron. In Black, Creamy Ivory, Misty Grey panty hose and knee highs. Now for a limited time in specially marked displays at participating stores.

1986 Textured nylons

Vintage ’80s pantyhose: Silk reflections on Amy

Reflections on Amy — she favors lazy lunches to late suppers… buys hardcovers instead of paperbacks… ohh, and Amy’s legs… the nicest legs.

Silk Reflections pantyhose - nylons from 1987

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Burlington Sheer Indulgence pantyhose from 1988

Burlington Sheer Indulgence pantyhose from 1988

French-cut Underalls silk pantyhose (1987)

New! Silky! Sexy! Clingy!

French-cut Underalls silk pantyhose from 1987

Hanes Alive support pantyhose (1982)

Hanes Alive support pantyhose 1982

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Just My Size pantyhose for plus-size women, from 1985

Get more leg room, more hip room, more livin’ room! Just My Size from L’eggs is here — the beautiful pantyhose for tall or fuller figures. Just My Size pantyhose comes in four sizes. And talk about styles! There are five to choose from. Just My Size pantyhose. Because every woman deserves a great pair of L’eggs.

Just My Size pantyhose from 1985

Vintage ’80s pantyhose: A wardrobe of great-looking L’eggs

L'eggs pantyhose colors 1982

No-nonsense fashion color panty hose 1985

Rich navy, Misty grey, Vintage wine, Creamy ivory & sheer black

No-nonsense fashion color panty hose 1985

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No-Nonsense nylons in colors from 1985: Mushroom, soft white & rose blush

Vintage '80s pantyhose - No-Nonsense nylons in colors from 1985

Coloralls tights and pantyhose (1987)

Pantyhose & panties all in one

Coloralls tights and pantyhose from 1987

Leg Looks pantyhose in tones and textures (1983)

How do you make one dress look like a million?

Leg Looks pantyhose in tones and textures from 1983

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Super Shaper and Sheer Caress pantihose from 1983

Super Shaper and Sheer Caress pantihose from 1983

Berry-colored tights from 1984

Colored tights from 1984

Brooke Shields’ line of tights and socks from ’83

Brooke Shields tights and socks

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Vintage colored Lycra tights from the 1980s

The stirrup tights, paint-spatter leotards and legwarmers could not possibly be more eighties.

Vintage colored Lycra tights from the 1980s

Vintage tights for dance & workout wear

Retro workout wear from the 80s - Colored tights

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Retro workout wear from the 80s – Colored tights

Retro workout wear, tights and leg warmers

Rights and leotards from 1983

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