Vintage how-to: Make fun egg-shaped Christmas ornaments from old L’eggs pantyhose eggs

Vintage how-to Make fun Christmas ornaments from old L’eggs pantyhose eggs

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Although L’eggs hasn’t made their once-famous plastic egg packaging since 1991, you can still create adorable egg-shaped ornaments using these vintage craft instructions!

For these projects now, you can buy jumbo-sized plastic eggs — look at dollar stores, or look below for ways to order some.

Crafts you can make with holiday L’eggs (1970s)

L’eggs eggs are the perfect shape, size and colors for making beautiful long-lasting Christmas tree ornaments. If each member of your family makes one ornament every year, in a short time you will have a marvelous collection full of memories of the holidays.

An ornament can be personalized and dated and given as a gift to the person “who has everything.” Or use a whole batch of eggs.

Heap them in a silver or glass bowl to use as a centerpiece, or wire them to a styrofoam wreath form for an unusual door decoration.

L’eggs eggs and canisters also make instant package wrapping. Cushion the gift with bright colored tissue, pop it into the egg or canister and close it up tight. Then add a pretty ribbon tied in a bow, and the package is complete without bothering with all that wrapping paper. Have fun and happy holidays!

How to make holiday L’eggs egg-shaped Christmas ornaments

The classic egg is the ideal shape for all sorts of Christmas tree decorations. Use the silver egg as-is by just poking a hole and adding a loop to hang it with or decorate the white eggs — paint them, glitter them, marbleize them or paste on foil stars.

For lots of fun, have a pre-Christmas decorating day when the weather’s bad.

Vintage L'Eggs Christmas ornament how-to craft from 1976


Materials and Tools

1 L’eggs egg, silver or white
White household glue
Glitter in assorted colors or Embroidery floss in bright colors
Lighted candle
Nail Cord or ribbon

How to make

1. Hold nail with the pliers and heat it over the candle flame. Poke a hole in the tip of one egg half.

2. Knot the ends of a cord or ribbon into a loop and slip the loop through the hole in the egg half from the inside. The knot will hold the loop in place.

3. Glue the halves of the egg together. For a glitter egg, start at the top of the egg and draw on a section of the design with glue. Keep the opening of the glue container clean to insure a fine line. Sprinkle glitter onto the wet glue. When the section of glue is completely covered with glitter shake off the excess. Do only one color at a time.

It is a good idea to work over a dinner plate so the extra glitter can be collected and poured back into its container. When one section is covered with glitter, draw on the next section of glue and sprinkle on another color glitter. Be sure not to smudge the wet glue. It will take about an hour to dry.

4. For the embroidery floss egg, place a glob of glue at both tips of the egg. Cut a piece of floss about 18 inches long. Hold one end in the glue at one tip of the egg and wrap the other end around to the other tip and then continue wrapping until the thread meets the other end.

Press the ends into the glue. Then repeat, adding strands of floss or string in different colors. Cover the center seam of the egg the same way.

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Vintage L'Eggs Christmas ornament how-to


Materials and Tools

1 small half of a L’eggs egg, white
Scene from the front of a Greeting Card
Enamel spray paint, gold and /or other color (optional)
Brush-on paint in contrasting color
Paint brush
Clear spray varnish
Cord or ribbon
White household glue

How to make

1. Place the egg half over the center of the Christmas card scene, trace it and cut out the circle just inside the traced line. Spray the scene with clear spray varnish.

2. With the nail held by the pliers and heated over the candle flame, poke a hole in the top of the egg half. Tie a loop in the cord and insert through the hole from the inside of the egg.

3. (Optional) Spray paint the egg half. Let dry. Paint the inside rim in a contrasting color.

4. Paste stars on the back of the egg half. Put a few small dots of glue around the inside rim of the egg. Insert the Christmas scene into the rim.

5. Run glue around the outside of the rim of the egg and sprinkle on gold glitter. Shake off the excess.

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L’eggs egg Christmas ornament craft directions with diagrams

How to make retro Christmas ornaments with L'Eggs pantyhose plastic eggs

How to make vintage Christmas ornaments with L'Eggs pantyhose plastic eggs

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Tips and techniques

This chapter will show you in detail how to do some of the techniques required in many of the projects in this book. The photographs and detailed explanations will make it much easier to understand how to make holes, saw the eggs, and how to do marbleizing, painting and crocheting.

Quick tips before you start

1. Wash the L’eggs containers thoroughly with soap and hot water before painting, gluing or decorating with felt tip markers.

2. Cut off the bumps on the side of the white egg with a sharp knife to make the egg perfectly smooth. This is optional depending on the type of project you are doing. Do not cut off the bumps on the silver eggs as it will scrape off the silver too.

How to spray paint L’eggs containers

1. Spread out lots of newspapers in a wide area. The sprayed paint can float in the air and settle several feet away from the object you are painting. Protect everything with newspapers.

2. Separate the egg halves and place them open end down on the newspaper.

3. Spray with short even strokes. Follow the directions on the spray can. Spray with several light coats. One heavy coat will sag and drip.

4. Let the paint dry thoroughly. See the drying times listed on the can. Do not touch the egg until the paint has had time to dry.

L'Eggs craft project tips and techniques - 1970s (1)

How to varnish L’eggs containers

1. Spray clear varnish in light even strokes. Do not spray heavily or the varnish will drip. Try not to go over areas more than once.

Sometimes the varnish dries so. quickly you will spoil the smooth surface you just put on. Too much varnish also may cause the paint or decorations underneath to bleed and run.

How to marbleize L’eggs containers

Beautiful one-of-a-kind effects can be had very easily by marbleizing white or silver eggs. All you do is float some oil base paint on water in a bowl, stir it up and dip the egg in it.

Since the oil paint and water won’t mix you will find all sorts of bubbles and swirls in the finish. Mix two colors of paint in contrasting values, a light with a dark for unexpected results.

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Materials and tools

Enamel model paint in 1/4-ounce bottles (his is great paint that comes in lots of colors as well as metal flake finishes)
Disposable plastic container, pint size
Sticks, pieces of dowel, old pencils or chopsticks to hold egg and stir paint
Non-hardening floral clay
Flower holder to hold eggs while they dry

1. Prepare egg by washing it in water and ammonia, rinse and dry. Insert a wad of floral clay in the bottom of an egg half. Poke a stick or other piece of wood into the clay. This is the handle for dipping the egg half.

2. Spread out a few layers of newspaper as the dipping can get messy.

3. Fill the plastic container 3/4 full with water at room temperature. Pour a few drops of paint, about 1/4 of the 1/4 ounce bottle, into the water. Then add the same amount of another color.

If you are adding a metal flake color, especially gold or copper, try to float the drops on top of the other color. The metallic content is heavy and may fall straight to the bottom of the container and be wasted.

This amount of paint is enough to marbleize up to three eggs. The first one will be dark and the other two increasingly light in shade.

4. Stir up the paint so it swirls around. Immediately dip the egg into the moving paint and quickly pull it out again. Set the stick on the floral holder and let the paint dry. Do NOT redip the egg as it will just smudge the colors and the paint will get thick and gloppy.

5. There are several ways to dip the egg: by turning it in the paint, plunging it in headfirst or jiggling it as you dip it. It’s a good idea to have a couple of extra eggs to experiment with to see which effect you like best.

L'Eggs craft project tips and techniques - 1970s (2)

L'Eggs craft project tips and techniques - 1970s (3)

L'Eggs craft project tips and techniques - 1970s (4)

Have a crafty Christmas! Retro holiday decor you can make with ideas from the '60s

We’re not having a white Christmas

(We’ve decorated our white L’eggs eggs in gold, silver, red, blue, green, so you can give brighter Christmas presents.)

11 months out of the year, our L’eggs eggs are white. But around Christmas time, we like to brighten things up a bit. So we are now decorating our L’eggs eggs in shiny silver, gold, blue, red, green. (They make our L’eggs Boutique look like a Christmas tree.) But they’ll look even better decorating your Christmas tree.

Or fill someone’s (or your own) Christmas stocking with our L’eggs. Our L’eggs fit your legs — They hug you, hold you, never let you go. They’re a fitting Christmas present for everybody.

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L'Eggs pantyhose eggs in metallic Christmas colors

While L’eggs are decorating your legs, start early decorating our L’eggs eggs. Send for your Christmas Leggs Decorator Kit. Fill out the blank below end mail with 751 and the bottom disc from one L’eggs package to… Order no later than November 5, 1972. Each kit is enough for three eggs, and its only 75 cents.

Merry Christmas. And Happy L’eggs. Our L’eggs fit your legs. They hug you, hold you, never let you go

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Christmas in September?

With our Christmas L’eggs Decorator Kit its easy to be on top of Christmas, before Christmas is on top of you.

You don’t have to glue or pin anything. And our kit comes with easy, illustrated instructions.

So while L’eggs decorates your legs in lots of leggy shades, you can decorate our L’eggs eggs with long strips of Royal Purple, Emerald, and Crimson velvet and lots of gold braid that sticks right on our L’eggs egg. It’s a fun way to get ready for your Christmas tree.

With our Christmas L'eggs Decorator Kit its easy to be on top of Christmas, before Christmas is on top of you.

How to saw L’eggs containers

How to make L'eggs eggs into vintage crafts (4)

How to flatten the end of L’eggs eggs

How to make L'eggs eggs into vintage crafts (1)

Craft tips: How to make holes is L’eggs egg containers

How to make L'eggs eggs into vintage crafts (2)

How to make L'eggs eggs into vintage crafts (3)

More vintage Christmas crafts & creative decor!

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