Young Brooke Shields: The early career of a budding supermodel (1975)

Young Brooke Shields The early career of a budding supermodel (1975)

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Young Brooke Shields was just ten years old when she landed her first magazine cover. Despite her being best known now as an actress, author and fashion model — think Calvin Klein — her first cover was actually for American Home magazine, where she shared the page with a pumpkin pie.

Several years later, at age 15, Brooke would be the youngest model ever to appear on the cover of Cosmopolitan — also shown below.

But cover shoots and acting weren’t the only things keeping her busy. She also appeared in some advertisements. Just below her first cover shot, see how Brooke Shields appeared in a full-page ad also from 1975, as the budding supermodel cozies up to some Colgate toothpaste.

Young Brooke Shields on the cover of American Home magazine

Brooke on the Thanksgiving issue – November 1975

Young Brooke Shields on the cover of American Home magazine - November 1975 - pumpkin pie - Thanksgiving

Young Brooke Shields for Colgate (1975)

Young Brooke Shields - model actress in ad for Colgate from 1975

Young Brooke Shields on the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine (1981)

Photo by Francesco ScavulloBrooke Shields on Cosmopolitan cover - 1981





I’m sort of sexy says model Brooke, age 9

San Antonio Express (San Antonio, Texas) – January 12, 1975

New York – With her dark, flowing hair and big smoldering eyes, she’s a photographer’s dream.

She dates dashing young men, but is adamant that she has no steady boyfriend.

She’s even been invited to pose nude for photographers.

Her name is Brooke Shields and she is all of nine years old.

Brooke has just been launched in New York as a mini-model and mini-actress.


She is already a showbiz veteran, appearing in the television version of Arthur Miller’s play “After The Fall” – although she confesses she finds it all a bit boring.

“Movie stars don’t really excite me that much,” she told the Star.

The invitation to pose nude was turned down by her mother, Teri, who is divorced from Brooke’s father, a cosmetic company executive.

But tiny Brooke didn’t mind: “I don’t think I would like it,” she said.

Her big aim in life is to be a mother, she says, “but first I want to be a wife.”

She went on: “I think I’m sort of sexy. But I hope I will gain more sex appeal as I get older.

“I think sexy is slick. And slick is the best way to be!”

Love’s Baby Soft: Because innocence is sexier than you think? Eww. (’70s & ’80s)


Brooke has been modeling since she was four, and her first date was such a long time ago that she can hardly remember it.

“I’ve no steady boyfriend, but I enjoy going out on dates with boys my own age. And older,” she said.

She described one “older boy” who took her out as “a Latin lover.”

“He’s nice and young,” she said, “and he’s adorable.”

The Star caught Brooke just as she was leaving for a cocktail party being thrown by Soli, the head of New York male model agency.

Zoli has invited a model called Jonathan who needed a date.”

“We met Jonathan before. He’s 26. But he’s far out, and I will enjoy going out with him,” said Brooke as she left, her big eyes still smoldering.

I'm sort of sexy says model Brooke Shields, age 9 - January 1975

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