Anita Shops: The vintage clothing store for women in the ’50s, ’60s & ’70s

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Anita Shops vintage clothing store for young moderns 50s 60s 70s

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Anita Shops was a small but popular store for women’s clothes, starting in the ’50s through the ’70s. Here’s a look at some of their storefronts and vintage fashions!

Anita Shops: For young moderns

Anita Shops Headquarters, Los Angeles — Stores in Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Utah, Arizona

Consult your telephone directory for the Anita Shop closest to you or write direct: Anita Shops, Inc., 2151 N. Soto Street, Los Angeles, California 90032 [NOTE: This company address is from 1965]

Vintage Anita Shops grand opening in Chico, California (1951)

Vintage Anita Shops grand opening in Chico - 1951

Vintage Anita Shops in Sacramento (1958)

Vintage Anita Shops in Sacramento 1958

Machine washable acrylic pile duster (1965)

Four rose appliqués marking snap closure with a Peter Pan collar. Also available with two patch pockets and collarless. Colors, hot pink, azure and butter-yellow. Sizes 10 to 18. Price $6.99.

Vintage clothing from the 60s Anita Shops Machine washable acrylic pile duster

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Floor-length cotton quilted robe (1965)

Butterfly print with corduroy trim — four button yoke with tie belt defining Empire waist. Colors, red and blue. Same style — floral print with satin trim. Colors, pink and blue. Sizes 10 to 18. Price $6.99.

Vintage clothing from the 60s - Floor-length cotton quilted robe

Chiffon nylon quilted duster (1965)

Kodel fiber-filled — Four rosebud frogs marking closure, with a scalloped collar. Colors, pink and blue. Sizes 10 to 18. Price long $9.99, (as shown) $7.99.

Vintage clothing from the 60s - Chiffon nylon quilted duster

Swiss dot nylon sheer peignoir, trimmed with nylon tulle filching (1965)

Fully-lined sheer overlay gown. Colors, pink, blue, red and black. Sizes, petite, small, medium. Price $12.99.

Vintage Anita Shops Swiss dot nylon sheer peignoir 1965

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Anita Shops fashions

Los Angeles-area Anita shop in a mall (1975)

After an absence of three years, Anita shops is proud to be back in West Covina to service its many patrons. This magnificent new Anita Shop is in the capable hands of Laura Angie.

Vintage Los Angeles Anita shop in mall 1975

Vintage Anita Shops women’s clothing store in California (1977)

Vintage Anita Shops womens clothing store in California 1977 (1)

Vintage Anita Shops womens clothing store in California 1977 (2)

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  1. I remember Anita Shops was the first job my brother Dan and I held. I worked once or twice a year helping with counting inventory, my brother with stockroom duties. Clothes were nicely stylish with very reasonable prices. I never found out why the one we worked at (Atlantic Square; in Monterey Park, CA) closed down. And this is the only reference to Anita Shops I could find online.

    1. I was employed at Anita Shops Headquarters on Soto Street in Los Angeles, and about one week in downtown Los Angeles before that, in 1965. It was my first job in the US, shortly after i immigrated from a Central European country. I worked in the Data Entry department.

  2. I work in the thrift industry and have a passion for vintage clothing. During my hunt yesterday I came across a great Anita Shops collared button front knit sweater. In my ten years in the thrift industry, this is the first time I have found an item with the Anita Shops tag. I remember that Anita was the place my mom took my sister and I growing up. For a long time, most of my clothing came from that shop. Finding this sweater brought back such good memories. This is literally the only reference to the shop that I could find anywhere online.

  3. I was a CPA, and worked on the Anita Shops audit probably in 1983-84. I think their top financial person was a woman whose name seemed to be named Rosie or something similar and the owner was Chuck, as I recall. They were eventually bought bought out by a retail co. whose name I don’t recall. It was a fun time perhaps their Soto Ave. HQ was a short drive from my home in Monterey Hills.

  4. I remember the Anita shop at Coddingtown Mall in Santa Rosa, CA. It was a mod clothing store that dressed girls to look like the Brady girls—very hip

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