Project X: The chimp movie with Matthew Broderick & Helen Hunt (1987)

Project X The chimp movie with Matthew Broderick and Helen Hunt (1988)

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In this 80s movie, The US military is training chimpanzees to pilot bomber mock-ups, and putting them in real danger.

That just won’t fly for airman Jimmy Garrett (Matthew Broderick) and researcher Teri (Helen Hunt) — and it’s up to them to stop the Air Force’s nefarious plot and save the chimps.

The Project X movie scored 8/10 back in the 80s

Adapted from a movie review in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Texas) May 15, 1987

The US military, gleefully anticipating all-out war, is training chimpanzees to fly bomber mock-ups and then brain-frying them with radiation.

Scene from Project X movie - Matthew Broderick - Helen Hunt (1988) 2

It’s up to a maverick airman (Matthew Broderick as Jimmy Garrett) and a behavioral scientist (Helen Hunt as Teri) to save the apes and scuttle Project X.

Broderick is as delightful here as in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, and Hunt makes a terrific no-nonsense hero. They generously allow the chimps to swing away with this picture.

The film also stars Jean Smart, William Sadler, Robin Gammell, Stephen Lang, and Willie as Virgil the chimpanzee.

Helen Hunt and Matthew Broderick in Project X movie (1988)

Project X: Matthew Broderick’s been grounded – literally. (1988)

From Splice (January 1988)

In Project X, now available on home videocassette, Matthew plays Jimmy Garrett, a young air force pilot who’s been relieved of flying privileges after using his aircraft as a rendezvous for dates.

Scene from Project X movie - Matthew Broderick - Helen Hunt (1988) 5

He’s assigned to Project X, a top-secret military experiment, and it’s only after meeting superintelligent chimp Virgil that he learns the truth: The project is really a reckless experiment that’s endangering intelligent creatures.

Jimmy learns the secret through Virgil’s special skill — he can use sign language to communicate with humans.

Scene from Project X movie - Matthew Broderick - Helen Hunt (1988) 1

Now Jimmy is faced with a serious decision. Should he follow military instructions and take part, or should he follow his conscience and give up the project?

There’s not a dull moment in this drama, which also stars Helen Hunt (Peggy Sue Got Married) as the university researcher who teaches Virgil how to sign.

Scene from Project X movie - Matthew Broderick - Helen Hunt (1988) 3

Project X, available through CBS/Fox Video, is also Matthew’s reunion with the producers of his earlier film, War Games.

Project X is a bittersweet tale that shouldn’t be missed. It’s serious monkey business.

Project X 1987 movie

Project X movie (1987)
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