Lance Guest saves the day as the Last Starfighter (1984)

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Look! Up in the sky!

It’s The Last Starfighter’s Lance Guest!

Picture yourself playing your favorite video game then suddenly watching it come to life and finding yourself right smack in the middle of it. Sounds pretty unreal, right? That’s exactly what happened to 23-year-old Lance Guest — well, actually 18-year-old Alex Rogan, the character Lance portrayed in this summer’s sci-fi offering, The Last Starfighter.

Although this was Lance’s first starring movie role, you may also remember him from Halloween II, in which he played Jimmy, opposite actress Jamie Lee Curtis. Some of his other credits include the television series Lou Grant and St Elsewhere (in which he had recurring roles), the TV movie Confessions Of A Married Man, plus numerous stage productions.

How has he managed to accomplish so much at such a young age? Ever since Lance was a freshman in high school, he’s always wanted to act. After graduation, he set out for UCLA where he majored in theater, and began to do some serious acting in a few local productions.

From then on, it was more stage work for Lance with a detour here and there into movies or TV until he was finally seen in Halloween II by director Nick Castle (The Last Starfighter). Nick immediately thought Lance would be the perfect Alex, for he felt that Lance had “a kind of innocence, shyness, yet determination,” that was essential for the right portrayal of Alex Rogan, who would suddenly be faced with the task of saving the universe!

Lance himself felt akin to the role. “When I first read the script, I felt an immediate connection with Alex’ character.” He continued, “Alex) is a kid with potential, but his socioeconomic environment is holding him back. He wants to move on and to make something of himself.

“When he suddenly finds himself whisked off Earth, out of a realm in which he knows what is reality, every single thing amazes him. Yet, with all the excitement of being a Starfighter and flying about the universe, there is still present the honest human emotion, the fear and the wanting to return home to his family. Being a hero for Alex, while fun, isn’t all that easy.”

But being a star, for Lance, is easy. Now that he finally has some free time on his hands, Lance will be enjoying himself by keeping his 6’2″, 155-pound frame in shape with some of his favorite sports such as surfing, swimming or playing tennis. He’ll also be able to practice playing the guitar while he ponders a few movie offers that have come his way.

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So, after years and years of striving for success, Lance has finally arrived to dazzle you with his dark good looks and gorgeous blue eyes — and aren’t you glad he did!?


The Last Starfighter movie trailer

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