Rainbow cake of whipped Jello: Five layers of fluffy flavors make one impressive-looking dessert (1962)

Rainbow cake recipe - Jello

Rainbow cake: Red, pink, orange, green and purple layered dessert recipe

Five flavors of whipped gelatin form this colorful, spectacular dessert: a rainbow cake.

Rainbow cake of whipped Jello Five layers of fluffy flavors make one impressive-looking dessert (1962)

Rainbow Jell-o cake recipe


1 package (3 oz.) each Jell-O black raspberry, lime, lemon, orange and strawberry gelatin flavors
5 cups boiling water
2-1/2 cups cold water
1 envelope Dream Whip Dessert Topping Mix or 1 cup whipping cream (optional)


Dissolve each package of Jell-O gelatin separately in 1 cup boiling water. Add 1/2 cup cold water to each. Chill black raspberry gelatin until very thick. Smoothly line sides of a 9- or 10-inch spring-form pan with wax paper, cut to extend 3 inches above pan.

Whip black raspberry gelatin until fluffy by preparing the gelatin as directed and chilling until it’s very thick. Then beat with a rotary beater or electric mixer until mixture is fluffy and thick — about double in volume results in the best eating quality and flavor.

Spoon into pan. Chill until set, but not firm.

Chill, whip, and layer remaining flavors in pan, letting each layer chill until set, but not firm, before adding next layer. Chill until firm or overnight. Loosen around edges and remove sides of pan and paper.

Prepare dessert topping mix as directed on package, or whip cream; spread over top and sides of cake. Makes about 14 cups, or 12 to 14 servings.

Jell-O Crown Jewel/Window Glass desserts (1960s)

Alternative: Rainbow dessert recipe

Prepare Rainbow cake, using only 3 gelatin flavors (1 package each Jell-O raspberry, lemon AND lime gelatins), 3 cups boiling water, and 1-1/2 cups cold water; mold dessert in a 9-inch spring-form pan or 10-inch tube pan.

Rainbow cake recipe - Jello

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