Chevrolet Chevette: A new kind of American car (1975)

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On October 2, Chevrolet will introduce a new kind of American car.

It will be international in design and heritage, incorporating engineering concepts proved around the world.

Its gas mileage will be rated at 40 mpg highway, 28 mpg city. That’s based on EPA test results (with standard 1.4-litre engine and 4-speed manual transmission). The mileage you get, of course, will be strongly influenced by how and where you drive.

Its wheelbase will be about the same as a VW Rabbit’s.

It will have more head room than a Toyota Corolla, more leg room than a Datsun B-210.

It will be basically a metric car. And, as you know, the metric system is on its way to becoming the standard American measurement.

It will have one of the shortest turning circles in the world.

It will be protected by 17 anti-corrosion methods.

It will be able to carry cargo up to four feet wide.

It will be the only American car of its kind.

In California, see your Chevrolet dealer October 2 for EPA mileage figures and engine/transmission combinations available on California emission-equipped cars.

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