Vintage Spode & Lenox Christmas dinnerware sets: Collectible holiday china patterns

Vintage Spode and Lenox Christmas china sets Collectible holiday dinnerware patterns

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Beautiful, festive Christmas plates and china dinnerware — like these vintage sets from Lenox and Spode — are still popular for the holidays. Here’s a look at some of the patterns and pieces you could get in the past!

Vintage Spode Christmas dinnerware (1968)

There isn’t anyone on your Christmas list who wouldn’t be overjoyed to receive something from this unique collection of “Christmas Tree” giftware.

And there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t be doubly grateful to see the name behind the gift, because the name be the gift is Spode, England’s foremost maker of fine China since 1770.

What better way to fill your gift needs this year, ad what better way to be remembered for many Christmases to come! 

Vintage Spode Christmas products shown:

  • Tier Tray. A very English way to serve anything from canapes to cookies to candy. Even all at once. $17.00 each.
  • Beverage Server. lt looks like a coffee pot, but it will serve almost anything. And keep it hot or_ cold, as you prefer. – $17.50 each
  • Fruit or Salad Bowl. From soup to nuts. In this case fruit. From $13.00. This one $19.00.
  • Bon Bon Dish. For peanuts, candy, mints, they also make fine Christmas candle holders. $5.00 the pair
  • The Christmas Plate. For everything you’d normally use a plate for. Plus the not-so-normal use of hanging it as a wall decoration. $3.80.
  • Ashtray Sets. For mints, butter pats, even cigarettes. Set of four $6.00.
  • After Dinner Coffee Cup & Saucer – Prized as a collector’s item for display or knick-knack shelf or table. $3.75 each.

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Vintage Spode Christmas china from 1968

Giving Lenox China is a holiday tradition (1969)

Lenox China/Crystal: Symphony Candlesticks, Candy Bowl, Fjord Vase, Harlequin Jar, Holiday Party Platter, Monticello Server

Lenox Christmas china from 1969

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Vintage Christmas dinnerware: Lenox china for the holidays (1972)

More than a gift — a tradition

The Lido Bowl, $35, matches the Lido Salt & Pepper Mill Set. Three-piece Holiday dinner set, $22.95. Florentine Bud vase, Symphony Centerpiece, The Egg Server, Essex Salt & Pepper Set; all except the vase, trimmed in 24-carat gold.

Lenox Christmas China for the holidays (1972)

Vintage Spode Christmas Trees tablesettings & teasets (1981)

Spode Christmas Tree. As special as your family’s Christmas.

Each year, the Spode Christmas Tree appears, and with it, treasured memories of Christmas past, joys of Christmas coming.

Why not begin your own family tradition this year with gifts for your home and holiday table with the Christmas Tree that’s as special as yours. Spode.

Vintage Spode Christmas china from 1981

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Vintage Lenox Christmas china (1981)

Lenox for the holidays. More than a gift — a tradition.


  • Scented Holiday Pomander Ball, $40.00.
  • Holiday Candlesticks, $50.00.
  • Florentine Bud Vase, $20.00.
  • Sans Souci Basket, $34.00. Dove Dish, $22.00.
  • Lido Bowl, $85.00
  • Three-piece Holiday Dinner Set, $59.00 (also available individually; not shown: Dessert Plate, $17.00; Butter Plate, $12.00).

All except the vase trimmed in 24-karat gold. The prices shown are suggested retail prices only.

Vintage Lenox Christmas china from 1981

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