Remember retro toilet paper that had colors & patterns?

Vintage colorful toilet paper

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Back in the day — we’re talking the mid-fifties to the mid-eighties — all the major toilet paper brands offered alternatives to basic white “bathroom tissue.”

You could find retro toilet paper in a variety of solid colors (pastels to start, and bolder colors showed up in the ’60s), and many offered colored patterns printed on white, too.

It was super popular because people could match the roll to their bathroom fixtures, which, at the time, were often usually colorful, too.

So what happened to that old-fashioned colorful toilet paper? It all but disappeared during the ’80s. There seem to be several reasons why:

1) It became less popular as people were worried about the effects of the dyes.

2) It was thicker or stronger than regular white rolls, which led to it being less soft — and also meant people had plumbing and septic issues.

3) People started to buy white bathroom fixtures again (sinks, toilets, tubs) and getting colorful TP wasn’t necessary.

4) It cost more to produce colored or printed rolls, and people preferred cheaper options.

Nowadays, colored or printed toilet paper is tough to find — but a company called Renova does make colorful rolls — though they’re not cheap.

But right here? Take a trip back in time and see bright & pastel, patterned & plain retro toilet paper, the likes of which you rarely see today.

Mad about color! (1956)

New… Scotissue in 4 pretty pastel colors — for the whole family… safe for the baby too!

Vintage pastel ScotTissue toilet paper - 1956

Decorator-tinted tissues from Hudson (1960s)

Living orchid, french hyacinth… Blooming beauties from Hudson!

Vintage 1960s Hudson decorator tissues

Home Improvement (1960s)

There’s nothing timid about these bouncy prints Lady Scott’s collected for your bathroom.

Retro 60s Lady Scott toilet paper with pink flowers

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New! Magic oval Scotties (1962)

Now you can take one Scottie, and another floats up.

Vintage purple Scotties tissues from 1962

Whisper-soft Waldorf (1966)

Waldorf Tissues have a softness you can feel… yet they’re so strong. Choose from three soft pastel colors or white.

Big rolls of vintage Waldorf toilet paper in pastel colors - 1966

Sidekicks! Matching 2-ply bathroom & facial tissues (1966)

Pair-up our kicky prints in Antique Gold, or Bluebell Blue, Camellia Pink, and Fern Green.


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8 styles of retro toilet paper: Cheerleaders (1967)

There’s nothing timid about these bouncy prints Lady Scott’s collected for your bathroom.

Sixties Lady Scott toilet paper with flower patterns 1967

There’s one other tissues just as soft as Chiffon facial tissue — it comes in rolls. (1967)

Both the bathroom tissues and the facial tissue have the same touch of luxury — in colors as gentle as the tissues itself.

Yellow Chiffon brand facial tissues and toilet tissue from 1967

Lady Scott: Conversation piece (1967)

Start them talking with this one, keep them talking with all other designs and colors in the first collection of tissue prints.

Shaded blossoms, prints on tints in Bluebell Blue, Camellia Pink, Fern Green or Antique Gold. All in matching 2-ply facial and bathroom tissue.

Vintage toilet paper with big green flowers from 1967

All 3 styles in 5 pretty colors! (1967)

See these Kleenex retro toilet paper colors: Yellow, new French blue, white, turquoise, and pink.

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Colored Kleenex tissues in pastel shades from 1967

Razzle Dazzling! (1968)

The Kleenex Boutique Collection is in… and tissues have never been so glorious.


Spirited retro toilet paper (1969)

New Kleenex Boutique tissues. Great little tissues that make a great big fashion statement.  

Bright retro Kleenex Boutique Collection toilet paper and tissue from 1969

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New Kleenex Double Dips tissues (1970)

Two ice cream-colored tissues in each fun box!

Kleenex puts all the fun and flavor of an ice cream cart into new Double Dips. Five yummy tissues colors doubled up with pure vanilla. 

Strawberry & vanilla, Blueberry & vanilla, Lemon & vanilla, Lime & vanilla & Double Vanilla

Retro Kleenex Double Dips tissues - two colors in the same box from 1970

Crazy daisies from Lady Scott (1970)

Pick a crazy daisy… pink, green, gold, or blue, in new decorator boxes, too.

Lady Scott makes Crazy Daisies by the roll to match. So you can have daisies wherever you are. Crazy. 

Crazy Daisies from Lady Scott - Patterned toilet paper and facial tissues - 1970

Verve-y! (1971)

The Kleenex Boutique Collection.

Bright retro Kleenex Boutique Collection toilet paper and tissue from 1971

Mix ’em hot — mix ’em cool (1971)

Mix a mood. Any mood you like, with the brightest, boldest PaperWorks yet.

Full-size facial tissues in skinny mini boxes. Bathroom tissues that make a match. Four posh Paisley. Four super solids. Hot pink. Bold Gold. True Blue. Avocado Green.

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Colorful vintage Kleenex Boutique Collection toilet paper and tissue from 1971

Boutique Blooms! Kleenex Boutique Wildflowers. (1972)

Now Kleenex Boutique tissues introduce The Wildflower Collection. Wild new colors. Like Coral. And Violet. And Lemon. And Lime.

With new prints. All over the tissues. All over that famous mini-box. New Kleenex Boutique tissues. Bath tissues to match. Pick a bunch of Wildflowers. And bloom!

Colorful old patterned toilet paper from Kleenex - Boutique Blooms 1972

Cottonelle’s bathroom tissue (1980s)

Cottonelle’s new soft colors are changing people’s ideas about how a bathroom can look.

Vintage Cottonelle toilet paper in colors - 1980s

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