Vintage Dial Soap: See what they said those bars of soap could do

Vintage Dial Soap

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When vintage Dial Soap debuted in the late forties, its use of hexachlorophene — a disinfectant they called AT-7 — was a big selling point.

It wasn’t until years later that people began to realize that the AT-7 was actually toxic, especially to babies. After numerous infant deaths, Dial removed the ingredient from their product in 1972.

Despite that being the first of several reformulations, the brand maintained strong sales through the years. In fact, Dial is still a major player in the market, with their products still widely available as of 2021.

Dial smells good — not strong, not sissy (1949)

Dial Soap stops odor before it starts! Now, at last! A really effective deodorant soap!

GUARANTEED to keep you fresh round the clock — because DIAL removes skin bacteria that cause perspiration odor!

For Dial with AT-7 removes the major cause of perspiration odor — doesn’t merely “cover-up.” AT-7 is the only ingredient known to keep its antiseptic power effective in soap.

Dial does not stop healthful perspiration but does stop odor, so your clothes stay clean smelling, too. And Dial smells good — not strong, not sissy.

Complexion protection’ Mild, kind—Dial is rich-lathering and thorough-cleansing — perfect for complexions, too.

Use Dial and you need only this one soap in the bathroom. Dial is a large, hard-milled bar that lasts a long, long time. Get several today.

Vintage Dial soap stops odor before it starts (1949)

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Dial soap keeps complexions clearer by keeping skin cleaner! (1952)

The cleaner your skin, the better your complexion. And mild, fragrant Dial with AT-7 gets your skin cleaner and clearer than any other kind of soap. It’s as simple as that.

Dial’s brand beauty-cream lather gives you scrupulous cleanliness to overcome clogged pores and blackheads.

You do far more than remove dirt and make-up when you wash thoroughly every day with Dial.

Dial with AT-7 effectively clears skin of bacteria that often aggravate and spread pimples and surface blemishes. Skin doctors know this, and recommend Dial for both adults and adolescents.

Dial Soap - Skin cleaner (1952)

Now! Match your tile with Dial! (1950s)

Lovely new colors in Complexion Dial! In Pastel Pink, Pastel Green, Pastel Blue, and new Golden Dial!

Contains a wondrous new Skin Freshener for better than ever protection under make-up!

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Vintage 1950s Dial Soap in four colors

Aren’t you glad you use Dial soap? (1954)

(… don’t you wish everybody did!)

When you’re with others — out having fun or hard at work — you never have to worry about perspiration odor when you use Dial. It’s the wonderful soap chat contains AT-7 (Hexachlorophene).

Dial’s the only leading soap that has it, and there’s nothing else as good at removing skin bacteria that cause odor.

The photomicros at the right (below) prove what a difference Dial makes. No. 1 shows thousands of bacteria left by ordinary soap. They cause odor. No. 2 shows how washing daily with Dial removes up to 95% of these trouble-makers.

And Dial’s invisible AT-7 clings to your skin for days, so its protection actually increases the more you use Dial. Dial really stops odor before it starts, and keeps it stopped.

So mild, fragrant Dial Soap keeps you fresh and nice to be around all day!

Vintage Dial - stops odor before it starts (1954)

Dial soap illustrated ad by Winnie Fitch (1956)

America’s first truly effective deodorant soap is now even better! New Golden Dial soap stops odor better than ever! (Milder, too!)

In one bath, new Golden Dial stops odor better than ever! Removes odor-causing bacteria better than if you scrubbed with any two ordinary soaps. And Golden Dial keeps fighting odor for days!

You get all this with new cosmetic mildness… smart new wrap- per… new golden bar. Obviously, such a fine soap costs more to make — costs more to buy than ordinary soap. But it’s worth every cent of it!

Vintage Dial soap - Winnie Fitch illustration (1956)

It’s that Dial feeling — you never worry about odor! (1950s)

More than a feeling, it’s a fact: with Dial you never worry about odor. You see, normal perspiration has no odor until skin bacteria attack it. Ordinary soaps can’t remove bacteria effectively. But Dial does!

(Illustration by Winnie Fitch)

Dial Soap - 1950s bowling - Winnie Fitch illustration (c1955)

Wonderful Dial soap! (1958)

Real mildness. Rich lather. Colors, too. But Dial gives you more. Much more. Dial gets rid of skin bacteria, protects your complexion all day — even under make-up. Wonderful Dial!

Wonderful dial soap - Vintage 1958

Nice and easy! (1960)

Easy does it when you bathe with Dial Soap. Dial with AT-7 protects you against odor everywhere you perspire (from two million pores all over your body).

It works by removing the skin bacteria that give perspiration its odor. Dial — the soap for people who like people.

Vintage Dial Soap ad (1960)

Why not sing! (1961)

When you bathe with Dial soap you get something extra to sing about (perspiration odor takes the whole day off).

Dial with AT-7 gets rid of skin bacteria that cause odor, that’s why. So join in the chorus for Dial — the soap for people who like people.

Vintage Dial Soap ad (1961)

Princess Dial moisturizing bar soap (1963)

To protect your skin against dryness, Princess Dial has moisturizing cream right in it.

Moisture is vital to your skin’s youth and beauty. It must be continually safeguarded. That is why Princess Dial Soap has moisturizing cream in it.

As you cleanse away dirt and makeup, it works to replenish the vital oils that hold moisture in — dryness out.

When you rinse, water beads form. Evidence that Princess Dial is helping protect your skin against dryness.

Princess Dial, for the woman who has been afraid to use soap on her face.

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Vintage Princess Dial bar soap for women (1963)

Princess Dial soap and Princess telephones (1963)

Win a Princess phone in the big Princess Dial sweepstakes

Princess Dial soap and Princess telephones (1963)

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Aren’t you glad you use Dial! (1972)

Don’t you wish everybody did?

A Dial shower keeps you fresh all day long. Because Dial works, from morning to night, to get rid of bacteria that cause odor.

Aren't you glad you use Dial soap (1972)

Vintage Dial Soap with gymnast Cathy Rigby (1979)

Cathy Rigby and Dial Soap have an exercise program for every part of your body.

… Finally, a book that helps you tailor your own individual exercise program. Dial the wheel to find the right exercises to do the job on your legs, hips, derriere, waist, bust, even your posture. Cathy Rigby illustrates the routines in this free 16-page booklet. 

Gymnast Cathy Rigby for Dial Soap (1979)

New colors. New formula. New Dial. (1980)

Whether you choose new Almond, new Sky Blue, classic Gold, or traditional white, you’ll be getting a Dial with a new, improved formula. Plus twice the active deodorant ingredient of the next selling deodorant soap.

Don’t face another day without Dial.

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Dial soap - New colors - new formula (1980)

Now there’s a new Dial. (1984)

For the most advanced deodorant protection ever. Just add water.

Introducing a new Dial. The most advanced Dial ever. With an exclusive formula that’s twice as effective against odor-causing bacteria. So you get the most advanced deodorant protection ever. 

New Dial. Aren’t you glad.

A new Dial - Advanced deodorant protection (1984)

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  1. As a teenager in the 80s, I had terrible acne. A dermatologist recommended washing my face with gold Dial soap — and only gold Dial. It worked… somewhat. Later I went to another dermatologist, and he thought I was nuts for using it. By then there were better acne soaps on the market.

  2. I had completely forgotten Dial soap had the little “clock” on the bar and packaging. I never knew about Princess Dial soap. Enjoyed the article!

  3. Who sells the dial bar soap that’s pinkish in color? I want to buy it. Some of the stores don’t have it. I went to HEB and they don’t have it. I went to Walmart and they don’t have it. Can you please let me know who has it.

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