Banana split cake recipe (1982)

Banana split cake recipe Ingredients 1 pint vanilla ice cream 3⁄4 cup walnuts 1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs 1 Tablespoon butter/margarine 1 Tablespoon sugar 1/2 cup cocoa 1 cup heavy cream/whipping ... Read more...

Jell-O Pudding Pops (1982)

While boxes of Jell-O pudding pops may be but a memory, we can still remember their glory days through these commercials!

20 years of vintage Tab diet cola ads

With 1 crazy calorie in every 6 ounces. Like everything now, a little bit crazy, but wow. The now taste of Tab. That's what's happening. To the nicest shapes around.

The shocking murder of Beatle John Lennon (1980)

John Lennon, the former Beatle whose music set the beat for a revolutionary youth generation in the 1960s, was shot to death outside his Manhattan home by a man who earlier obtained his autograph on the rock star’s new record album, police said today.

The Hollywood Squares game show intro (1966)

Take the world’s simplest game - tic-tac-toe - toss in nine celebrities, stir in some questions that let them show off a little humor and creativity, and of course, fabulous prizes. What do you get? Hollywood Squares, of course!

The Incredible Hulk TV show intro (1978-1982)

The show would go on to spawn three TV movies in the late 1980s, as well as several feature films all based on Stan Lee’s comic book creation - but no doubt inspired by the original Bill Bixby series, proving that fans liked Dr Banner even more when he was angry.

The Muppet Show theme song & guest stars (1976-1981)

While Jim Henson tragically passed away in 1990, and The Muppet Show hasn’t been on American television since 2001, his creations continue to live on in movies, television, and in the hearts and minds of all of us who grew up with the Muppets.

Thelonious Monk altered the language of jazz (1982)

“Thelonious,” a tune from his very first Blue Note session, had verses fashioned from a single ingeniously hammered note, with three horns playing shifting dissonances behind it. He developed the one-note motif in his solo and then abruptly broke into some pure, old-fashioned Harlem oompah stride.

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